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RE: Principal deducts PTO funding from school library budget!

23 years 7 months ago - 2 years 8 months ago #62778 by ColoradoPTOmom
To update - the PTO having this problem decided to take a break from fund raising this year and spend the time with their kids/families. If a teacher desperately needs something they ask to see the school budget balance (public information you know) and if the money isn't there they find a donor and give the teacher the item - with the principal out of the loop. They figure - like a previous posting said - she's busy enough with the school's budget, why concern her with PTO business. Principals are only empowered to direct PTO activites/funding if we empower them. Remember, our children are the clients they serve - we pay thier salaries with our taxes... These parents took a stand and they are enjoying the time with their kids. I think we tend to think if we don't continue to raise money the world will end - not so. The principal is in shock but will get over it and hopefully will act in a more professional manor if the PTO decides to fund school needs the next year. Parents are holding her extremely accountible for all spending and she's hating every minute - oh well, what goes around comes around.
23 years 7 months ago #62777 by ConcerndParent2
We have the same thing going on at our school. I am new here and at our first meeting listened to how the principal used PTO funds to get books for the libraries AR program. I was appalled. The principal dictates how the PTO spends the $$$ WE hardly have any PTO sponsored events for the students,but the principal is constantly delegating PTO funds for the school's needs. what happened to the school budget $$. plus this is a school where there is 90% military dependents the district gets impact aid funds and puts it into there general funds. we can't seem to find a way to get information the principal feelsshe is above giving answers and the district protects her. all i can say is keep researching andhave your parents ban together.

23 years 8 months ago #62776 by gifford
Boy do I agree that this needs to go to the next level. I would make a request for an appointment first thing in the morning! I beleive the right choice is to not give to the library until it is cleaned up. It is not a gift or enhansment when it is taking anything away from budget. This seems like a way for this principal to micro-manage something that she/he has no ability to control any other way. I wish you luck==and make that appointment!!!
23 years 9 months ago #62775 by bartle
This is a disgrace and I wouldn't stand for it. I would take my outrage to the superintendent and then to the school board if I didn't get satisfaction at that level.
23 years 9 months ago #62774 by Paapoo
At our school, we have our teacher rep go to the teachers and ask them what they need for the students! The principal doesn't really get involved with how the PTO spends money. She has her own budget to worry about.
Good luck
23 years 9 months ago #62773 by ColoradoPTOmom
First of all - it's not our principal. She's a gem and was completely disgusted that a fellow principal would even think to do this.

Second - this PTO was not giving the media specialist cash - they were funding book purchases. The kids would create a library wish list and the media specialist would purchase books off the list with PTO funds. The principal would then deduct the amount of money the PTO spent funding the books from the media center's budget.

Yes, like you I am curious how this has been happening and where the budgeted money from the district is going. That money is meant for media purchases and the PTO money is meant to ENRICH the district's funding amounts. According to many other principals that know of this one - her tactics need to be brought to light and she needs to be held accountible for her actions. The PTO has purchased the resources directly and presented them to the media specialist and the principal asked for a breakdown of the purchases and used those figures to deduct from media budget too. This year the PTO is not giving to the library. If their gut feelings are correct other budgets are being affected by their funding too - no one has come forward though to blow any more whistles!

Thanks for the input - sorry for the long winded posting...but this type of game with our kids money makes me sick.
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