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RE: Principal deducts PTO funding from school library budget!

23 years 9 months ago #62772 by CMadd13
We too, rarely give out CASH. We give each teacher a "sponsorship" in the beginning of the year which is just a check for them to spend as they see fit for their classroom. It is a nominal amount. Everything else that we fund is voted on , approved, and we pay the bill for the item(s). Has anyone ever follwed up to see if the items that you were supposedly funding ever materialized? I would suggest changing your procedures immediately.
23 years 9 months ago #62771 by maof2kidz
I am very surprised that the principal can transfer or take out funds that are appropriated for your library. Instead of giving the library just money why don't you have the librarian give you a list of what is needed and someone from the PTO purchase the items needed. Our PTO rarely gives checks to other parts of our school because we are afraid of that kind of situation. We just have them give us a list and we see if we can purchase it for them.
23 years 9 months ago #62770 by FRD
I would be so mad about this. The first thing I would do is bring our whole board to have a very serious talk with the principal. If we couldn't coe to a compromise I would definitley take this to the superintendent's office. Even if there was a compromise I would want people in the school department to know what eh's been doing. Our parents wouldn't put up with that.
23 years 10 months ago #62769 by ColoradoPTOmom
Any suggestions for a PTO that recently found out that the principal has been taking money out of the school's library budget in the exact amount that the PTO has raised and gave to the library for enrichments (books the kids have requested the library to have)?

A friend had been involved with her children's school's PTO board for over 12 years and they recently found out this has been going on for at least three years if not more and no one has blown the whistle on the principal's budgeting tactics. Now the PTO is curious if the same thing is happening with other budgeted areas that the PTO raises money to supplement. I'm about you? Any suggestions?

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