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Principal & Staff Problems

23 years 4 months ago #62829 by gifford
Replied by gifford on topic RE: Principal & Staff Problems
Personally I would go to both. Her first and the superintendent of the district one on one as soon as you walk out of her office. You know by now she will 'give' you nothing when you meet with her. I would be informing her of your meeting with the superintendent and go from there. You are in for one long hard year, good luck. (I have found it great to meet with all of my teachers at their monthly staff meetings---Only one per grade level attend the pto meetings--and that rotates between them.)
23 years 4 months ago #62828 by barbiedoll33_2001
Principal & Staff Problems was created by barbiedoll33_2001
We are experiencing a real problem at our school. This is my first year involved with this PTO (we just moved to area), however, I come with 6+ PTA years of experience. After attending 2 PTO executive board meetings, I am completely disgusted. The purpose of the last meeting that was held was to inform the principal & staff about our planned events & fundraisers for the year and to discuss the budget with them. After a week's notice, a posted reminder, and a morning announcement reminder there were no (zero, zilch) teachers or staff that showed up for the meeting. The principal was there and that was it. We decided to review our plans with just her (she would not make the time to meet separately with the PTO President earlier in the week!). As the meeting progressed, I noticed the problem. This principal had nothing but a negative attitude about everything we wanted to do. She had rude and uncalled for comments about programs we wanted to start up (safety's and kindergarden graduation for example). I just can't understand why she is so negative, and if that is her feelings, no wonder the teachers weren't at the meeting. There is no support from the staff for the PTO. After this meeting, the president and vice-president are ready to quit. They stated that it was the same way last year and that her attitude would not change. Now, I am a very strong-willed person and when I believe in a cause I give it my all. My question is this: Should I go and talk to the principal myself and let her know that her PTO executive board is about to fall apart? Or should I go above her head to her supervisor and let them know of her attitude problem and of the non-support from her and her staff? If we can't get the staff and teachers behind us, how can we expect the parents to be supportive?
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