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Principal & Staff Problems

23 years 8 months ago #62835 by ptomom61
Replied by ptomom61 on topic RE: Principal & Staff Problems
Hello to all...I have a question that I was wondering about. I have been in the p.t.o. for 5 years and Our p.t.o officers feel as though we don't belong or are in the way when there are specific things that need our attention at the school. We go to the school and do what is needed then we leave. We don't bother anyone. But when they need money for say a FIELD TRIP per say then they are good as gold to us....anyone else know what I'm trying to say here....
23 years 8 months ago #62834 by paigerph
Replied by paigerph on topic RE: Principal & Staff Problems
Thanks for the suggestion. The first newsletter went out yesterday and so far I have gotten a few comments from the faculty on how nice it looks. Hopefully things will start pulling together. Appreciate the tips.
23 years 8 months ago #62833 by gifford
Replied by gifford on topic RE: Principal & Staff Problems
Yes, --ask the school councelor for an article geared t'words something he feels the parents need to know(they have more info than you will need!) and instead of asking teachers to write something for you find out what the seventh grade science class is working on and print it ect..... We also hit the school secretary for important info. Coaches for scores ect.... You may have to re-invent the wheel for a while but it will catch on. We even have the teachers printing their needs in the paper( Mrs. Swett has more yarn than she will ever use and Kinder garten has pringle cans to last the whole year!) Just make the paper what you want it to be and it will happen. Good luck!!!!
23 years 8 months ago #62832 by paigerph
Replied by paigerph on topic RE: Principal & Staff Problems
I am glad your situation is improving. Maybe you can shed some ideas on my problem. I am new this year to the parent organization at our school(K-12). I have agreed to be the middle school representative and editor of the newsletter. When trying to get started on the newsletter, I have run into all kinds of snags with the faculty and staff. I sent a questionnaire (only consisted of name, how to reach you, postion in school and a couple check box ?s about if they would have info for a newsletter and how to reach them) The newsletter has not be published in 2 years. I have not gotten one single response or one bit of information for the newsletter! And this was over a week ago. Any suggestion on getting staff involved.
23 years 8 months ago #62831 by barbiedoll33_2001
Replied by barbiedoll33_2001 on topic RE: Principal & Staff Problems
Thank you all for responding. We have part of the problem somewhat fixed. I think the principal found out that we were all planning to just quit after the 1st planned fundraiser, so the prez and I met with her and she agreed with everything that we planned to do. She is even helping to motivate the staff. Our first big fun event is this weekend (10/28), a Halloween Fun Fair. This will prove how involved the teachers want to be, by how many show up. I will let you all know how it turns out.
23 years 8 months ago #62830 by ConcerndParent2
Replied by ConcerndParent2 on topic RE: Principal & Staff Problems
Hey what school is this??? I think you maybe speaking about ours. We have the same problem. I come from 8 years of PTA experience myself and many years of my own mother being involved in PTA while I was growing up. We recently moved here as well and they have a PTO, which I think can be as effective if the people involved are wanting it to be effective. We have been to 2 meetings this year so far and well the Principal appointed herself on the PTO board plus her childhood friend the superintendent does attend some of the meetings.The Principal shut down every idea and she and the Parliamentarian(a teacher) yell at parents. There are never any teachers present (except the few that are officers) and parents last meeting had 10. I learned why so little involvement. It was because every idea was shot down, every issue was shot down, the principal skated around questions and had the back up support of the superintendent. The only thing the principal wanted to review was her unwarranted "zero tolerance" discipline policy and what more she can do. The kids are in a prison. and there are no PTO sponsored FUN activities other that selling snow cones at recess. we still do not have a complete PTO board of officers and it seems you can basically walk in and take a position, but most quit. It is upsetting to those parents who do come to the meetings see how it is run and how the PTO president doesn't stand up and fight for what the PTO should represent. This is why nothing gets accomplished. Most of the Officers do not carry out their established duties(in bylaws) and when the people asked for the bylaws to be revised again the Principal shot it down and said No. It is very frustrating, because I know how important involvement is, so I will keep pressing on.

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