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Problems with schools office staff

23 years 5 months ago #62941 by TNmom
Replied by TNmom on topic RE: Problems with schools office staff
Congratulations iamdmom! I hope the situation is resolved for the best. Ohiomom---I will talk with you via e-mail soon. Thanks for your input.
23 years 5 months ago #62940 by iamdmom
Replied by iamdmom on topic RE: Problems with schools office staff
HI Girls!!!

I had a great talk with the principal today. He is new since January, but I feel that he is the best thing to happen to our school in a long time!! He is easy to talk to, he listens, and he does get things done!!!

He was not aware of a problem until the PTA president spoke with him a few days ago...and then today when I spoke to him. He is planning a meeting with the front office staff next week.

So. . .I am sure that there will be more to come, but for now I feel better and He says that it will get better, and I do know that it will.

Thank you for all of your support and I hope to chat with you all in the future!!

Remember. . . The kids are why we do what we do!!!
23 years 5 months ago #62939 by OhioMom
Replied by OhioMom on topic RE: Problems with schools office staff
sorry I was a little winded also.

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23 years 5 months ago #62938 by OhioMom
Replied by OhioMom on topic RE: Problems with schools office staff
TNMom, believe me, I can certainly understand your frustration. I have been there, I am there now, and I'm sure as long as I continue to volunteer, I will always revisit. Somethings that I have learned,usually the hard way, but they have helped me to see some different views are~ something could have been done with prior PTO officers/members that have caused a ripple with the office staff (or any staff for that matter) that is why I choose to do the Kill 'em with kindness act. Then I am not lowering myself to the standards of playing the same kind of games that they are. Give them the benefit fof the doubt on some things, I've learned from experience the longer a person has been at that office job, the nastier than can become (not always, but in the case I am thinking of it is certainly so. Thank goodness we have a new secretary this year!) Remember what it is like dealing with some of the parents we deal with during fun events and fundraisers, now imagine having to deal with the same parents, some on a daily basis. I have a couple that would turn me into a green eyed monster real quick!

Secondly, the one that I hate the most is just because someones is nice/nasty to you, doesn't mean that they are the same way when your back is turned. You have to be your own person, stand up for what you believe in and just pick and choose your battles. Some of the small battles won't mean as much as winning the war. The war signifying all that PTO's and PTA's, volunteers everywhere are making a difference in the lives of many children and adults. My husband thinks it is too much when we go away and I end up getting hugs and taps on the back from little kids, he gets the biggest kick hearing them tell their parents how they know me. They all have a different way of remembering the activity that I did with them.

We are having a rough year dealing with lack of volunteers, a new principal, and some other issues, and whenever I have a bad day and ask myself why I do it, I pop in the tape of our PTO Talent Show, and that always reminds me,'s for the kids.

I can sure understand your frustrations, cause I am feeling them to. Remember, I'm the one that feels like we aren't a Parent Volunteer group but rather a bank. Email me and we can share war stories. Who knows maybe we can even help each other find some solutions!

Just know that what you are doing is great and that you are making a difference. Take a mental break and you'll get yourself through it and you'll be back to do it all again next year. We all will be, because we care about kids, otherwise we wouldn't be here (really now, if we didn't care about kids, I'm sure we'd be hanging out somewhere besides a PTO bulletin board.) But we are all hoping that there is some group somewher who is going to share the magical secret, and let me tell you, I am very excited about some of the ideas I have gotten here. I can wait to utilize them.

Hang in there!
23 years 5 months ago #62937 by TNmom
Replied by TNmom on topic RE: Problems with schools office staff
Ohiomom--- I certainly understand from where you come. I truly do know that in some cases the trickle down effect can have significant negative impact on our children. How sad!! It is disconcerning to me that we are encouraged as a parent body of our individual schools to become involved in our childrens' education. We read articles, hear news reports----books are published on the positive impact parent participation can have on our childrens' lives. Yet we go to our childrens' schools ready and eager to serve are met with rude office personnel, complacent principals, and yes, even complacent teachers. Please! Do not misunderstand me! I know many of you do not experience any of these problems in your respective schools, and to you I say, "Count your blessings every single day"!! For those of us sincere in our efforts to assist and serve our respective faculty and staff and for many of us who are met with the angry looks when we ask, "where is the cheesecake?", can you imagine what the frustration level is when you want to ask more important questions and are afraid to because of the response to the earlier "cheesecake" question?! We have this problem at our school. Unfortunately, our principal is of no help! He has been approached by several parents regarding the attitude of the front office staff as well as as a few attitude problems with faculty. Nothing is ever done! My PTO Board is very discouraged by the complacent and indifferent attitudes of some in our school. At least iamdmom, you feel you have a principal who will do his job and honor your requests for some form of action to be taken. I hope you are successful. Can you tell I am totally frustrated?!!! Sorry so long. Guess I needed to vent.
23 years 5 months ago #62936 by iamdmom
Replied by iamdmom on topic RE: Problems with schools office staff
OhioMom. . I hear you!! That is why I have been grinning and bearing it for the past 6 years. It just keeps getting worse. My husband wants me to quit, but PTA and the kids would suffer and they are not the problem. I am glad that I have had a week to think about what and how I am going to say things. I am not as upset as I was last week so I will be calmer when I talk to him. I agree with you that the kids are the most important thing! I am good friends with a few of the teachers and they are behind me 100%. They had no idea the the staff were that bad and the teachers DO not want to lose us in PTA. So, we are appricated where it counts. But when you have to work with these RUDE gets hard. Thank you for all of the support. Look back tommarrow evening for a update from my meeting.

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