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Problems with schools office staff

23 years 1 week ago #62935 by OhioMom
Replied by OhioMom on topic RE: Problems with schools office staff
Just playing devils advocate here, so please, don't kill the messenger. Please just remember that the reason we all put in so many hours and bust our tails is for the benefit of all kids in our schools not just our own. However, no matter how wrong it will be, and is, if someone decides to develop and attitude with you because of something you say or do with PTO it is likely that the trickle down effect could trickle onto your child not the entire student body you are trying to help, but your child. I have seen that happen to a parent in our school district. No, it isn't fair, but unfortunately it does happen. Yes, I think that you should be treated as an asset to your school, we all should. Yes, we should all have the same amount of respect. We should have a little bit more in my opinion at times, as I know for myself as well as probably most of you we spend as many hours volunteering some weeks as teachers do teaching. The difference? We don't get paid. That is our choice, just as teaching was their choice. Just keep your kids at the center focus of what you say and do, and you'll be fine!
23 years 1 week ago #62934 by iamdmom
Replied by iamdmom on topic RE: Problems with schools office staff said it!!! Thats exactly how I feel and that is why I am meeting with the principal and Friday. It can not go on any longer!!! Thank you for the support!
23 years 1 week ago #62933 by Krippe
Replied by Krippe on topic RE: Problems with schools office staff
TNmom, you go girlfried!!!!

I do not have this problem with eather the elementry or High School Secretary. I love them both. They help me out all the time when I need help, and I try to do the same for them.

As far as some of the teachers. There are a few I try and void. My kids have not reached their grade level and I do not want them to take anything out on them because we have conflicting personalities.

Sorry - iamdmom, that I can't help you out in your situation. Hang in there girl and keep smilling!!! Our High School Principle says that I use that line to much. But if it brings a smile to your face.... Don't let them get you down.
23 years 1 week ago #62932 by TNmom
Replied by TNmom on topic RE: Problems with schools office staff
As a PTO pres./parent, I am astounded that we feel we must put up with rudeness, indifference, negative criticisim, etc... from staff and faculty! In other work environments, employees would be reprimanded and perhaps loose their jobs because of some of the things you have mentioned! Instead we are advised to give them "extra pats on the back", extend more kindness, i.e. more incentives to get them involved and turn the other cheek! Folks----we pay the salaries of these people !! Where is the line drawn?! I am sorry I can offer you no viable solutions but I truly believe it is time PTO organizations and parents step up and say "enough is enough"! We need to let faculty and staff know that we are willing to do what is reasonable and fair to promote a sense of unity in our school, but not at the expense of our sanity and self-respect! We are here for OUR children!! Let's rally!! I am ready for some serious brainstorming sessions on what can be done! It is a concerning abuse of authority.
23 years 1 week ago #62931 by iamdmom
Replied by iamdmom on topic RE: Problems with schools office staff
Thank you for your reply Chrystal...I did do exactly like you send about the sample. . . and that is when I got my head bit off. As far as I know we have gotten tons of samples and have near seens them. I try not to be over helpful. . they know that I am there if they need me. I do not bug them about it. Also, there have been other things that have happened in the office that have recently come to my attention that make this whole cheese cake sample thing more upsetting
23 years 1 week ago #62930 by chrystal
Replied by chrystal on topic RE: Problems with schools office staff
Our PTO has a great relationship with our new secretary...I've killed her with kindness right off the bat. Our former secreatry was at the school for thirty years and really did not like the PTO...she followed procedure to the letter and we walked on eggshells with this lady ( I loved her to death did the kids which is most important in my book). Perhaps if you have normally shared these samples with them they thought it was okay...I usually share them with the teachers and office staff too. Maybe if you flat out tell them , "I feel like an idiot because I called this fundraising person to inquire about our sample and was told he delivered it". And ask them if they happen to come across a sample they would like to try that is for the PTO in the future please leave us a note with their "sample opinion" that way you can let them know your point and even get their feedback without causing trouble. Oh by the way it does bug them when they have over helpful parents in the office all the time and they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by telling them so.
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