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Problems with schools office staff

23 years 1 week ago #62923 by iamdmom
Problems with schools office staff was created by iamdmom
HELP!! Our PTA is having a horrible time with the schools office staff. For starters..they are very rude not only to children, but also to the parents. This has been an on going problem which seems to never get resolved. But lately, our school has had many changes. . .and we (PTA) try to understand the there is a lot of stress in the office at times. This is why, we help out as much as we can. I for one have spent the last week of the past 2 summers putting together pactkets that need to go home the first day of school. Not to mention the hundreds of other things PTA has helped out with. The rudeness and dirty looks have gotten out of hand. The last straw. . .a sales rep dropped off fliers for cookie dough and cheese cake sales. Thse were put in my box. I was interested and called him later in the day. (Iam at school a lot, Plus I was a sub. yard duty that day) I asked if I could get a sample and was told that he already had left a whole cheese cake. Now, am I wrong or should I have at least recieved a note that a sample was left?? I feel that the sample is left so that whom ever is responible can see if it is worth buying. I always leave these types of things for the teachers to try and let me know. The secretaries kept it for themselves and did not tell any one that they got it. The sales rep was kind enough to bring me more, but when I ask the staff to please leave me a note the next time samples are left so that I did not feel like an idiot they chewed me up and spit me out!! Not once, but twice! This has upset me to no end. . .I have been at this school for 6 years as a very deicated PTA member. After talking to a few other PTA members I have found out that at least 8 others have had some simular experiences and they are thinking of either quitting now and/or not comiong back next year. This is sad because it only hurts the kids. But, as voleenters, we do not need to put up with this. I do have an appointment with th eprincipal next Friday. . . I know its late, but he is gone til then. The staff does not know that I am talking to him. I have spoken with a teacher whom I am close to and sh eis very upset with what is going on. She is also going to talk to him. I am not a whining parent. I really hate to see the kids suffer becuase of a few rude adults!!! Please help me any suggestions will be appreicated. Even if you feel that I am in the wrong. . .I need help!!!
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