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The uasage of our Elementary School for a Voting Place

22 years 10 months ago #63102 by WidowerWithThree
Replied by WidowerWithThree on topic RE: The uasage of our Elementary School for a Voting Place
I definitely appreciate the concern for the safety of the children. I am uncomfortable with anyone walking into the schools who aren't known and recognized. I do, however, think that the opportunities that present themselves are greater than the risks if properly managed.

The idea that the children are displaced for a day is, at worst, a minor challenge. And if the students are barred from that area it speaks well for the security issue. One day out of the year is not too much to ask when you consider the education opportunities that one day presents.

As Long as the polling place is in a building or room which can be isolated from the population at the school then just accept the inconvenience and use it for all you can.
22 years 10 months ago #63101 by diane janovas
I agree with your security concerns, and think the idea of the day off is great. I do think an advantages of having elections held in schools are 1) it is an ideal teaching opportunity for our kids to see this in action and 2) it reinforces for our community that our schools are an important part of our community, not just for parents but for all tax payers. Maybe the next time voters come to your school, they'll notice the cramped conditions and have more understanding of the tax budget issues.
22 years 10 months ago #63100 by Kaylee
We had the very same problem a few years ago. We started a petition and brought the names to the Superintendent. Our main concern was the fact that there were "strangers" in our building during school hours. I am very happy to report that our Superintendent took us seriously and now school is closed on all election days. It is worked into the calendar at the beginning of the year. Some parents have complained about the day off (i.e. work issues etc.) but for the most part I think everyone is glad that our kids and "strangers" do not have any contact during election days.
23 years 1 week ago #63099 by Marion
Election Day was an in-service day for teachers (and a day off for kids) for that very reason. However, many of the polling places in town are no longer in schools (moved to senior centers and other public places)
23 years 1 week ago #63098 by plw
For years our PTA's offered bake sales and coffee on election days. Somehow they were forgotten. At a previous election day I overheard people commenting about how they missed the bakesales. We had one to benefit the middle schools Scholarship Fund. Voters were so happy to see us and even those who did not buy bakery left monetary donations for the Scholarship Fund.
23 years 1 week ago #63097 by JHB
It's disruptive, but I think our school manages it okay. Actually, we thinking of taking advantage of the situation and having bakesales on election days to see if we might raise some extra money for field trips! (We haven't checked into the rules yet, but I doubt there would be a problem.)
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