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The uasage of our Elementary School for a Voting Place

23 years 1 week ago #63096 by plw
I understand your concern. With 14 school buildings and a population of almost 60,000 it is definately an issue. At each school the PTA's provide hall monitors. We just sit there and make sure no one enters any other area of the school. From where they walk in, to where they vote there are parents and staff. We have new security systems at all of the schools now which has helped. You can only enter our buildings after you have been buzzed in. Even before that the door to enter for voters was marked and again volunteers posted. Where you considering another viable location for voting in your town?
23 years 1 week ago #63095 by Nanook
I'm interested in knowing if any other schools in our nation are experiencing problems when they are used as a place for public elections. In the State of Virginia Code, it is indicated that elections must take place in public buildings. This has possed a huge problem for our small elementary school. I see it as a safety issue as well as we simply have no room for the voting machines. Our students are displaced out of a lunch room, area for P.E., and etc. (Keep in mind I said small). Some people think I am crazy, but when we open our schools to the public...we are putting our babies in danger. Help!!!!!!
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