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Changing our reputation

22 years 11 months ago #63149 by centralpto
Replied by centralpto on topic RE: Changing our reputation
THANK YOU to everyone for your advice! We had our enrollment this evening and we had a great turn out. More people stopped by our PTO table than ever before since I've been at this school.(This is my 3rd year.) We also provided lemonade and cookies for everyone during enrollment--that was a HUGE hit! (Hey, a little bribe never hurts, right?) I really think we're going to have a great year. Best wishes to all of you! 8)
22 years 11 months ago #63148 by Storme
Replied by Storme on topic RE: Changing our reputation
We have just completed our first year with a "new" PTA that had to overcome a bad reputation, and I'm happy to say we have been successful. Heavy emphasis was placed on everybody being made to feel important and needed, asking and listening to others ideas, and making sure that we did everything that we said we would. It's better to pick a few projects and do them successfully to regain trust, than to overcommit and not come through. We made all fundraising amounts public and gave specific things done with the money so they could see where their efforts went. As this year starts, we are now having people come to us with requests. Good luck with your efforts-it can be done!
22 years 11 months ago #63147 by mykidsmom
I'm coming into the same cituation as you and I belive Tim have hit it on the nose! Everything he has just said is what my Principal wants to help us do this year! We are excited to work together (she is SO excited to have a Prez that WILL work with her and not against her!) and have already had two meetings to share so many ideas!
Our group had too much negative press because of the past Prez and many parents that help start our charter school 4 years ago. Just remember not to let THEM bring you down...I know I'm trying not to!!
22 years 11 months ago #63146 by Publisher
Agree with PLW. The best way to get folks really enjoying and appreciating your PTO is by giving them reason to enjoy and appreciate your PTO. Do good work (and let folks know your doing it) and the rewards of appreciation and enjoyment will follow.

One specific tip: don't equate re-starting your PTO with running a fundraiser. Make the connection -- some fun family activities or a night with the faculty or a reading event, etc. (or all of the above) -- before you start down the fundraising path. End result will be a more appreciative group of parents and -- actually-- even more fundraising success.

All the best. Thanks for your efforts. You're doing good things.

22 years 11 months ago #63145 by plw
Replied by plw on topic RE: Changing our reputation
Enthusiasm, sincerety, and inclusiveness can go a long way. Promote the changing face of your PTO. Promote, promote, promote. Share your goals and plans via newsletter, even newspaper. If principal and staff are behind you, they can be great advertisors. Make sure the kids have too much fun and that they know it is the PTO providing that fun! Best Wishes!
22 years 11 months ago #63144 by SUEKSJS
Replied by SUEKSJS on topic RE: Changing our reputation
One suggestion is to give your pta positive publicy. Send fun memos home of what is planned and when. Keep the parents informed before and after the events ( how much money was spent etc.). Show you have nothing to hide. The more the parents see positive things, they will come around.
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