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Changing our reputation

22 years 10 months ago #63143 by centralpto
Changing our reputation was created by centralpto
Hi there, I am a first time PTO president and would like some advice from people with experience. 8) The past several years, our PTO has had bad leadership and gotten a very bad reputation. People have called PTO a 'joke' and warned new parents to stay as far away from it as they can. I would like to change that impression. Our school has a high level of low income students, so I do understand that many parents may not be able to help out financially, but even just volunteering an hour would be a big help. What are some ways I can go about changing the way PTO is perceived in our school? Most of the 'troublemakers' have moved on to another school this year, but I'm afraid the stigma still remains. Ideas anyone? Thanks for your help!
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