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Child care Co-OP

22 years 7 months ago #63181 by ednamom
Replied by ednamom on topic RE: Child care Co-OP
Just got on this web-site for the first time, so this info may be old.. but thought it's worth mentioning what we do at our school. We started a childcare co-op of sorts at our school, which is a neighborhood school. We didn't run a daycare at the school, but rather had parents fill out a form with their basic info -- ages of their kids, what days they'd like to help out, addresses, etc. We then circulated the list to everyone on the list. People learned from this information that there were moms right down the street from them with kids in the same class, and that had toddlers at home. Friends were made and new volunteers came into the building. It was a nice service and a no-brainer for our PTO. We also use honor society students for babysitting in our gym during PTO meetings. We don't pay the students (our Business Manager says we can't) but we make up certificates for the students and they use those hours towards community service for CCD or Quest classes at the high school. Many parents have found that these students are great sitters and hire them for nights out!!
22 years 7 months ago #63180 by cedartrails
Replied by cedartrails on topic RE: Child care Co-OP
Well our daycare center has been open for 1 month and every thing has been great. We have had a great responce and several parents have use the program. The teachers are so excited to have this program to offer to parents with small children.

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22 years 8 months ago #63179 by volprez
Replied by volprez on topic RE: Child care Co-OP
LET THE YMCA COME TO THE RESCUE!!! We have a child care program that works wonderfully!! We have employeed the YMCA daycare providers to help us. They watch children on 'Party Days'. (Halloween, xmas,spring, etc.) They carry the insurance coverage should something happen. Here's the details: There is a limit to the amount of children that can attend. First come, first serve. The children are in the school at all times. (In our multi-purpose room) The head 'Y' lady is in walkie talkie communication with the head parent at all times. This is to maintain a 'cryer'. If the Y staff can not calm a child, they walkie talkie the head parent to get the mother. This reassures parents that their children will not be upset without them. The cost is split between the PTO and the parent. The PTO provides the supplies and snacks. This greatly helps moral. Hope this helps. By the way, we let our children come to our PTO meetings, we haven't had a problem yet.
22 years 8 months ago #63178 by fillymac5
Replied by fillymac5 on topic RE: Child care Co-OP
i was so excited to see this issue discussed. I am just getting a PTO started in my childrens school. Unfortunately there has not been one in several years. I have quite a few very excited and motivated moms involved and hope to get more as we move ahead. Our main goal is getting a "drop in childcare" set up within the school in order to help get more parents to volunteer.We have a lot of support from the school board and the superintendant-now we need to convince the two principals that it would work. We are waiting to see if we are given space,then we will consult with the school lawyer about liability issues. I hope we can have parents sign a waiver and be done with is but nothing is ever that easy. We live in a very small town so pretty much everyone knows everyone else. I hope not to get caught up in a lot of red tape. In the end we just want to improve the educational experience of all of our children and bring the community together. I think if more schools started doing this type of thing you would see that its a win-win all around.Good lLuck to all my fellow comrades...LOL.
22 years 9 months ago #63177 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Child care Co-OP
I think it's great that you have forged ahead, and I hope you do keep us up-to-date on how it progresses. I trust you know that we all wish you the very best. And, the school is sure lucky to have YOU!
22 years 9 months ago #63176 by cedartrails
Replied by cedartrails on topic RE: Child care Co-OP
Well i got schol board approval for my volunteer day care center!! The board told me as long as i did not charge parents and parents were in the building at all times. we could do it.

After reading the other postings on this subject, It really sacred me all the issues that were stated. I know we have to think about it BUT it's really sad that we have to think about some of these issues when we think about leaving our children for 2 hours. We have always provided daycare for our monthly meeting. We have never had a problem. I feel very strongly about this program. I don't have a kid that will use the program but as a President of a PTO I know this is an issue for a lot of my parent volunteers. In the end it's for all the kids and i'm just hopping people are happy to have this service and will use it. I will keep you up to date on how thinks work out. THANKS
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