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Teacher Appreciation Day

17 years 1 day ago #131323 by mum24kids

OntheGoPTO;131322 wrote: Some parents/PTO members expressed that we appreciate teachers every week when they get a paycheck

Wow. Speechless.
17 years 1 day ago #131322 by OntheGoPTO
In the past we bought token gifts for the teachers and the volunteers. In addition, the teachers got food/baked goods three days during teacher appreciation week and the volunteers got certificates and hot dogs at field day. When all is said and done, we were spending $450-$500 a year to appreciate the teachers and the volunteers.

Some parents/PTO members expressed that we appreciate teachers every week when they get a paycheck and we needed to do something BIG for our volunteers. We only have 108 students in our K-6 school and yet volunteers log nearly 2,000 hours every school year and raise thousands and thousands of dollars to purchase, among other things, items from the teacher's wish lists.

We had to strike a balance and be sure no one felt unappreciated. We took the total we usually spend for teachers AND volunteers and had a volunteer night out at a local restaurant. We invited teenage and adult volunteers and we had a blast! We played the penny game, handed out certificates, laughed ALOT and took plenty of pictures.

When teacher appreciation week rolls around, we don't plan to buy any gifts. Instead, we will get donated breakfast goodies (muffins, donuts, etc) for Monday, donated subs for Wednesday lunch and donated baked goods for Friday
17 years 1 day ago #131317 by PTOMomof three
We have a luncheon too we only due the Friday of the appreciation week. We have the parents sign up to donate food and their time to help set up serve and clean up. We ask for things like, salads, finger sandwitches, lunch meat, rolls, appatizers, soda & bottled water. The teachers love it. We actually are a new PTO this year and asked the teachers if they would like to do something different. All came back saying they like the luncheon. The very rarley get together and socialize with the rest of the staff and they love being able to relax and enjoy the afternoon. We host this on our half day, so they do not have to worry about getting back to class.
We do also give the staff a gift. This year we are giving them nice lunch bags from MyShopAngel ( with our logo imprinted on the front. They are really nice they are big and they have a mesh pocket to hold a water bottle on one side,the other side has a side pocket to hold keys, or a cell phone and a zippered front pocket. They were only $4.60 each. I didn't think that was bad and we have a staff of 80. We are on a tight budget and thought that was very reasonable.

Good Luck
17 years 2 weeks ago #130456 by luvmygirls2000
Replied by luvmygirls2000 on topic RE: Teacher Appreciation Day
We have a Staff Appreciation Luncheon. We (the PTA) has to purchase lunch,drinks, decorations,silverware,plates, AND gifts. We have 66 to 70 staff members and I also wonder where we draw the line. I think that it's a nice gesture, but it is also an insane amount of money when you are on a TIGHT budget. Anyone have suggestions for me???? I could also use the help and ideas of everyone out there.
17 years 3 weeks ago #129986 by mommytlc
solmonesemom - where did you purchase the bags? We were thinking about doing lunch bags with our school logo as well. Last year, we spruced up the teacher and staff lounge with new tables and chairs, pictures on the walls, and curtains. They flipped out when they saw their new room! We spent $2,100, but it was well worth it. I'm going to do their bathroom this year. It is so ugly! I'm going to put up curtain, pictures on the wall, a swag over the mirror, and a plant stand.
17 years 3 weeks ago #129967 by solmonesemom
Our school has an event each day of the week for teacher appreciation week.

one day the principal does breakfast, we have a huge themed brunch with over 40 items another day, raffle day, hoping to have a teachers room make-over, and Friday is gift day. (We have also in the past had a spa day with manicurists and massage people come in) If the room make-over does not happen we are going to try to rent a massage chair for the day.

Last year, we gave the teachers a LL Bean style book bag with the school logo on it. They were a big hit and I see all of the teachers using the bag each day. We did give the men a black duffle bag with the school logo on it vs. the book bag and they also liked the bag. This year we personalized an oversized soft sided lunch bag with our school logo. It has a spot on the bag for a name tag and we will customize the bag for each teacher as there will be 100 bags that look the same!
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