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what is a good way to start a newsletter

17 years 2 months ago #130046 by Dora Anderson
where is the link?
17 years 2 months ago #129985 by mommytlc
Our school doesn't send out a newsletter so I decided to start one for the PTO. I prepare the newsletter monthly, our PTO vice president adds her two cents, and then we copy it ourselves and send it home. I feel it's important to keep our parents informed.
17 years 2 months ago #129970 by RobinD
we start ours with a list of thanks to volunteers from the previous month's activities...... then we go on to old news, like how much a fundraiser made, we then list reminders, then we list upcoming events, and have a section near the end that's the same every month, regarding on-going fundraisers like cartridge recycling... we close with something clever.. a seasonal recipe, a fun fact about our school.. or whatever......
17 years 3 months ago #129546 by wiggy
Perusingwithcoffee, what's the link?
17 years 3 months ago #129521 by ttnc4me
I get my format from:

There are many, many templates to choose from.
17 years 3 months ago #129493 by dlf
You can also view ours at Click on the newletter tab....We try to make ours a tool to tell parents what the PTO is doing and how we are supporting their children. We also use it to create a community -- hope it helps to see a couple done...
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