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what is a good way to start a newsletter

17 years 3 months ago #129492 by PerusingwithCoffee
Here's a link to our website page with the PTO Newsletters on it.

The first thing is to determine when & how often you want to publish your newsletter.

We set ours up as a means to thank people for helping at events as well as informing everyone of what's coming up. I try to throw some fun fact/trivia as article separators. I also try to use lots of clip art. Pictures even simple ones - add a lot to the newsletter. Ours comes out a couple of weeks after the Principals. This way it's not coming all in one stack and they compliment as reminders for what's up & coming.

Hope that helps give you a direction.
17 years 3 months ago #129482 by Dora Anderson
i would like to start a newsletter seperate from the one the school sends out but i am not really quite sure where to begin any suggestions?
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