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PTO Support During School Closure?

4 years 1 month ago #173376 by Liz L
Hi Alicia,
Apologies on the delay in response. :( We just saw your post last night.

Since you posted, so much has changed. It does seem as if things in your state have slowed in terms of the outbreak? But of course by now the whole country is trying to make our way through this unprecedented situation/"new normal."

In terms of PTOs' "new normal"—soon after everything started being shuttered, we put together some resources for parent groups: kid activities for when schools are closed, teacher appreciation ideas from a distance, how to hold an online election, etc. You'll find them on this page:

We also encourage you to join our FB page for PTO and PTA leaders. It's very active and I think you'll find lots of connection, ideas, etc.

Again, sorry for the delay in response. Best to you and your school community.

Liz from PTO Today
4 years 2 months ago #173366 by carana88
Hi everyone, this is my first time posting. Hopefully, this is an appropriate category for my question.

I am a PTO co-president at an elementary school in the Seattle area. We are in the region considered the epicenter for the COVID-19 virus, and as I type this, I'm getting alerts that our school district and the districts surrounding us will be closing to stop the spread of the virus in our communities. I'm hearing that we will be closed for 4-6 weeks, starting next week.

We're already starting to see impacts across our region, between the pressures of the schools that have already closed, layoffs/income loss, strain on our healthcare and human services systems, etc. Many families at our school were already struggling (we have a 50% free and reduced lunch rate) and these developments will only make things harder.

My question is this: do any of you have any experience with or ideas for PTOs offering creative support to their school communities during a time of extended closure, especially where groups of people cannot safely come together? Strategies to help with basic needs/food access, childcare, kid engagement and learning while home are some of the main things on my mind, but I would welcome any ideas or guidance.

Thanks for any help,

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