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Kindergarten Christmas Party Games???

9 years 7 months ago #166528 by Rose H
Hi Mluke!

We just posted a blog on the site with lots of ideas for activities and crafts for a Kindergarten party. Here's the link: I think it will be really helpful!

Good luck -- and if you have a chance, let us know how it goes!

Rose C.
9 years 7 months ago #166520 by Mluke
Replied by Mluke on topic Kindergarten Christmas Party Games???
Any other suggestions... Our kindergarten class this year can't have any treats. Not food at all. Such a bummer. Thanks!
10 years 6 months ago #164818 by Cindy
Replied by Cindy on topic Re:Kindergarten Christmas Party Games???
Hot stocking.
Take 2 small Christmas stockings, fill each with rice, whip stitch(sew)the top to enclose the rice. Pick out a great kids Christmas song, such as Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer or Santa Claus is Coming To Town.
Divide class into 2 teams.
This is done just like hot potato.
Have a little goodie for each child as they leave the game. The winner of each team gets to keep the stocking as their prize.
This game is a hit! I did it with PreK & I did the same game for Halloween for Kindergarten, only I used a stuffed pumpkin instead.
Have fun!
*You do need 2 adults for this game-1 for each team*
10 years 6 months ago #164810 by Angella
Replied by Angella on topic Re:Kindergarten Christmas Party Games???
well i need help also and fast may be late but if someone can pull out of their hat the magic games in such a short time i would appreciate that. My kindergarten class ishaving a party on friday that is the day after tomarrow and i need some ideas. Please Help ANY ONE.
14 years 6 months ago #151776 by Kristen
Replied by Kristen on topic Re:Kindergarten Christmas Party Games???
We are playing "Pin the Beard on Santa" - I have a poster board with a simple Santa face drawn on it.

Each student gets a cotton ball with a glue dot on the back of it.
Blindfold each student (or just have them close their eyes), spin them around, and then have them try to put the cotton ball where Santa's beard should be! :)

14 years 6 months ago #151746 by jackie
Replied by jackie on topic Re:Kindergarten Christmas Party Games???
We are going to have large sized pretzel rods and a crock pot of melted chocolate, the kids each get to dip their pretzel rod into the chocolate and then over a cookie sheet put whatever sprinkles over it they like best. We then sit them on a piece of waxed paper until the end of the party. We send them home with the kids in a decorative Christmas bag.

While the Pretzels are cooling the kids play a game.
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