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Kindergarten Christmas Party Games???

14 years 6 months ago #151659 by TVanek
Replied by TVanek on topic Re:Kindergarten Christmas Party Games???
For the Bean Bag toss I went simple and cheap! I used an old shoe box and cut a hole in the top. Then cut out a Snow Man and glued it over the top of the box cutting a hole in the snow man's tummy. I sewed up 3 bean bags and had my daughter help filling them with beans. Just open the lid and retrieve the bean bags for the next player.
14 years 6 months ago #151557 by teaching intern
Replied by teaching intern on topic Re:Kindergarten Christmas Party Games???
A game that you can play with the kindergarten students would be to place a christmas tree in the front of the room and then place boxes that are wrapped under it. Next you will give each group of students 1 pair of gloves or mittens and you will have to designate who is going to go first. Whoever is chosen to go first will put the gloves/mittens on and then they will "race" to the christmas tree to pick out a present. Once they pick their present, they will then go back to their pod and try to unwrap the present. Whenever they get their present unwrapped, they will give the next student the gloves and they will go and grab a present. It is a relay race style game.
14 years 7 months ago #151430 by Debbie
Replied by Debbie on topic Re:Kindergarten Christmas Party Games???
Hot Potatoe is always a good game, use Christmas stuffed animal as potatoe and use some Christmas music!!!!!!!!
16 years 6 months ago #139993 by ohmomof2
Our Christmas parties were yesterday and they were a huge hit. We are a P-2nd school and our parties are in the gym, each grade gets 45 minutes. They decorate a sugar cookie and get a drink, a PTO dad cut 300 trees and ornaments out of wood for the kids to decorate (was cheaper than OTC), musical chairs, hot potato where the kid got to keep the gift, Santa, Santa Elf (duck, duck, goose) and Santa limbo was a huge hit. We can't wait for the Valentine's parties! :)
16 years 6 months ago #139986 by cottonwoodptc

Debbieomi;139974 wrote: I would be more worried about the bumping of the candy cane down their throat or jabbing the roof of their mouth. Sharp objects in mouths, blindfolds...nuh huh...they don't mix for me. :(

The large candy canes are still in the plastic wrap. The kids start a mere foot or two away, and they basically lean forward to 'link' their canes. You're making it sound too difficult... remember, these are kindergarteners. My wife's class control is exceptional, and we've never had a problem in 11 years.

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
16 years 6 months ago #139979 by PresidentJim
Here's some ideas...


- How about a ring game. Get a volunteer ro help make a board with christmas gnomes, elves, whatever. You know, the ones with pointed hats. Have the volunteer fasten them to the board. Purchase a couple of wooden rings from the local fabric store and you have an instant game.

- Bean Bag Game - Have a volunteer take a piece of plywood and cut out a Santa or some other Christmas type thing. Have holes for the bean bags.

- Match Game - Have someone create maybe 1/2 page sized matching pictures. Maybe 2 Santas, 2 Rudolfs, 2 Frostys, etc. Shuffle them up, place them face down, and then keep track of who can match them all in the least moves.

- Make up a photo scene - it could be anything from a picture with Santa, to a sleigh, to a tree in the back ground, etc. Find a volunteer who coule bring in a digital camera and a printer. Purchase some printer picture paper. Have the kids pose, take the picture, then pirnt them out. The kids could even decorate their frame (which can be purchased from any novelty store) while waiting for the picture to print.

I'm sure I can think of some more and will post them if I do.

Good luck,
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