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Elementary Yearbook

19 years 1 month ago #72485 by learning
Replied by learning on topic RE: Elementary Yearbook
We have a yearbook (K-5 school) which is very well done and makes a little money each year. It is incredibly time consuming for the committee to put together, and every year it is tough to find someone to head the committee. Even though we have done this for 3-4 years now, we still have discussions as to whether it makes sense to have an elementary school yearbook. Many of the elementary schools around us publish yearbooks; I think this is one of the reasons that we started doing it. I could live with or without them, but my kids enjoy having them, and will still look back at the older books occasionally.
19 years 1 month ago #72484 by SHC
Replied by SHC on topic RE: Elementary Yearbook
We are K3-8th grade private school and we have a cute one. Parents of 8th graders traditionally buy a little ad in the back of the yearbook with a photo of the child when they started K3 and then their 8th grade photo plus a message. They also sell ads and alot of families will take out ads for their business. My daughter loves looking at old yearbooks. They're onthe floor by her bed right now (she's 8).
19 years 1 month ago #72483 by ScottMom#1
Replied by ScottMom#1 on topic RE: Elementary Yearbook
We were never able to break even on them and they weren't very well done, so now we are working on getting a video yearbook going that has the highlights of the school year. This is also a fund that helps us update some of our tech stuff in the school. Not to say it can't work, I've just hard so much bad and seen so much headache that I dont' want to go there again anytime soon. Good luck.

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19 years 1 month ago #72482 by Serendipity
Replied by Serendipity on topic RE: Elementary Yearbook
Our Elementary school has a yearbook that the 3rd graders get each year as they move on to a different school. All of our 3rd graders get them as our PTO pays for 100 % of the books.
19 years 1 month ago #72481 by smenny13
Replied by smenny13 on topic RE: Elementary Yearbook
Our Elementary has a yearbook. I am not sure how many of the students and staff purchase them since the 6th grade teacher and students are the ones that take care of it. (we are a K-6 school) But I know my kids would be heartbroken with out it!!
19 years 2 months ago #72480 by ProudPrattParent
Elementary Yearbook was created by ProudPrattParent
This is our second year having an all school yearbook. We are an Elementary. A little over 1/3 of the students purchase yearbooks and the only staff member that buys one is the Principal. The students love it and even help in putting it together, sort of a club.
I over heard a staff member saying it was ridiculous to have a yearbook at the elementary level. Not many elementary school around here have them. I'm out west in Eastern Washington.
How many of you have yearbooks for your elementary school?
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