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Elementary Yearbook

18 years 1 month ago #72521 by mckpto500
Replied by mckpto500 on topic RE: Elementary Yearbook
Please investigate a company called School Annual Publishing company. It was easy, fun, affordable. We got a 44 page all-color book with a custom designed softcover for only $17/book. We are a small school and publish the yearbook for our outgoing 5th graders only. Check out:
18 years 1 month ago #72520 by ladybug224
Replied by ladybug224 on topic RE: Elementary Yearbook
I'm just curious, what are some of the companies you are using? We have sold prepaid yearbooks for $15 and they have lost money each year. I don't understand how that works, plus the parents are not happy with the soft cover and color pictures. They preferred a hard cover (and because of the price) black and white picutres.
18 years 1 month ago #72519 by ac
Replied by ac on topic RE: Elementary Yearbook
HI Dianne and anyone else willing to share digital examples of yearbooks. I have done the yearbook for a couple of years, but am looking for new ideas/ways to jazz it up. This is for a pre-k, so not too intensive, but I'd still love to see what others have done. If you're willing, please send suggestions or PDFs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., thanks!
18 years 1 month ago #72518 by shadow
Replied by shadow on topic RE: Elementary Yearbook
Our school yearbook is a huge hit!! Almost all of the students buy one and all the staff does. Lots of pictures are sent in for the yearbook and sometimes it's hard too pick!! We sell our yearbook at cost. This year when we talked of not doing one, some new parents felt it took away from high school yearbooks, everyone was very sad!! So we are doing a yearbook again!!! Two of the three k-5 schools in our district do a yearbook, one does not. But they may next year!!
18 years 1 month ago #72517 by khagler
Replied by khagler on topic RE: Elementary Yearbook

Originally posted by Dianne K:

Send me your email, and I'll copy the info I sent to Mandy above. It's a really long email and I'd rather not post it here. I have more info than you'd probably ever want!


18 years 2 months ago #72516 by Melissa Constantine
Replied by Melissa Constantine on topic RE: Elementary Yearbook

The yearbook company is offering 80 pages in their quote, I think that is an awful lot of content for 40 students. :eek:

That IS a lot of pages to have to fill, and it's going to take a lot of time. Our yearbook this year was 36 pages and we have 330 students. We did one page for each classroom except preschool,the morning class had one page and the afternoon had another, and after doing the sports and academic teams, choir and orchestra we had 6 "scrapbook" pages. Oh, and a memorial page that was the hardest thing I have ever done. :(

I'm thinking that if you reduced the number of pages, then you wouldn't have to raise funds...I'm guessing to cover the cost???

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