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National PTA moving to DC, spending money they dont have

13 years 2 months ago #155985 by Rockne
Hi MT -

Fair question. If it comes off as glee (from me), that wasn't the intention. Can't speak for other posters here.

I can tell you that I (and I know some others) have felt that the PTA leadership (at the national level) for the past several years has been heading in wrong directions. It seemed clear that spending and priorities were out of whack with what I see local PTA leaders wanting.

Speaking just for me, I hope that every single local PTA and PTO thrives. And I hope that national PTA gives its local units great service and support.

I don't think reporting on PTA happenings (even, perhaps especially, *negative* national PTA news) is the same as having glee over those happenings. The PTA website and newsletters don't report that news, and I do think local PTA units and local leaders deserve to know what's happening at an organization they are so connected to. If a PTA sends $1500 to state and national, that's a big $$ amount, that local unit expects those dollars to be cared for and spent wisely.

My hope: a national PTA that gets back to serving local units and local unit leaders and thrives doing so. Huge galas and fancy trips all over the globe for leaders aren't part of that, in my opinion.


PTO Today Founder
13 years 2 months ago #155975 by MT_PTA mom
Why all the glee over PTA's supposed failure? Seems hypocritical of people who are advocating for kids to be happy that another organization that has a long and proud history of doing the same may be failing.
13 years 2 months ago #155954 by Rockne
Hi -

As 501c3s, the national PTA and state PTA's tax forms are public record. Many/most of them can be viewed at

The tax forms don't give all the information you might need to assess the financial viability of the organization, but -- in the case of National, for example -- you could see membership dropping (the primary source of revenue) while head count at National (which was available on the National PTA website) was growing and more and more of the chiefs had assistant chiefs and assistants to the assistant chiefs.

National's move to Washington (and the duplicate rents and build-out costs and loss of many Chicago-based employees, etc.) also came at an interesting financial time.

I'm not nearly as familiar with North Carolina PTA, though I do know they have a unique funding source throuigh the state legislature that has helped fill some gaps.


PTO Today Founder
13 years 2 months ago #155953 by Lindley
Where can I find the info listed here concerning the National PTA being in bad financial shape. I contend that the North Carolina State PTA is also, having only 150,000 members, and 6 full time employees. I believe PTA's time has come, and gone....
13 years 2 months ago #155950 by Former PTA Staff
Well the Financial collapse of the PTA continues National office let go of 19 staff members today. They are in such financial ruin that even former CFO who they tried to come back and save jumped ship when she saw the mess left by Byron and his crew.

Come National Pres cancel this years Convention at Disney in Orlando also... Oh wait he will not do that as its his last hurrah and he played a major role in sending this great organization down the tubes
13 years 2 months ago #155844 by The Board has blinders
Replied by The Board has blinders on topic Re:National PTA moving to DC, spending money they dont have
Wow anyone could have predicted this outcome. This clown and his Cronies took the organiztion on a fiscal downfall. Funny how they have to bring back the former retired Controller to try and right the ship but sadly probably too late. Who is holding the Officer group including the current National President accountable for this mess? Can you spell "conflict of interest"? RIP PTA your best days are in the rear view mirror!!!
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