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National PTA moving to DC, spending money they dont have

14 years 8 months ago #150085 by Rockne
Had heard about the staff lay-off, but not the proposed move or Texas rumors.

Is interesting to watch the organization change. Does seem to be a significant shift toward Washington work, which is in line with stated goals of recent leadership.

Remains to be seen if that's what the bulk of local units want. National had a fairly rough year financially, but -- I suppose -- so did we all.


PTO Today Founder
14 years 8 months ago #150083 by AnotherDad
National PTA's Board is meeting this weekend in Orlando and on the agenda is a vote to move the entire Chicago office to DC. Great time to get rid of all of your staff institutional knowledge and consolidate in a town that doesn't need more hot air.

In related news, they laid off 10% of their staff in the past month and belt-tightening is getting severe. The CEO and new President are taking a 2-week trip to Europe and Japan soon, however, to visit try and restart the Pacific unit (Dept of Defense schools) and say hi to the existing units in Europe. Good thing they fired those people or Byron and Charles might have had to fly coach.

Did you hear that Texas PTA is threatening to give up its charter?

What clowns are running the national office?
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