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Becoming a PTO from a PTA

1 year 11 months ago #172112 by channa1
Hi All,

I am a new president at A elementary school and we are a pta. I came from a school that was a pto and loved it. How can we change?
1 year 11 months ago #172114 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Becoming a PTO from a PTA
Hi channa1,
The first thing you can do is talk to some people in your group to get more of a sense of how long the group has been a PTA and how strongly people feel about it. You may discover that folks are very wedded to the way things are, and you would need to ask yourself, what are the benefits of changing?

If you discover that people are open to discussing a possible change, put it on the agenda for an upcoming meeting to more officially get feedback from the membership.

If from that meeting you feel there is enough interest in pursing a change, there are a series of steps you'd want to take to start this process. Go to the PTO versus PTA section of the PTO Today to more information: .

Good luck!
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