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Articles of Organization or Incorporation?

8 years 8 months ago #168595 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic RE: Articles of Organization or Incorporation?
Your Secretary of State office. Usually in the state capital area.
17 years 10 months ago #77035 by Shawn
Mianly indementity protection, A corp makes the boards personal assest free from being taken if sued, in addition to insurance (which doesnt cover civil suits)

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17 years 10 months ago #77034 by Erik
I have a similar question on incorporation. In exploring my state's website they don't seem to encourage non-profits to register as corporations. For profits yes.

What advantage does registering as a corporation, if we can, have for us?

Thanks _Erik
17 years 10 months ago #77033 by chadly772000
Replied by chadly772000 on topic RE: Articles of Organization or Incorporation?
Where does one begin the process to "incorporate in my state as a nonprofit"? ... yes, I'm new.
18 years 1 day ago #77032 by jcarar
Thanks, Critter! I will probably end up getting the guide!
18 years 1 day ago #77031 by Critter
The choice is there because not every org filing the 1023 is incorporated. If you are, you will be including Articles of Incorporation. If you're not, then you include Articles of Organization. There's probably not much difference in content, but they have different names depending on your organization's status. Yes, incorporate first, then file the 1023. Not required to incorporate, but for one thing, it gives your officers some protection from personal liability should anyone sue your PTO. If incorporated, they sue the corporation. Otherwise, they can sue the individual officers.

Come back here with questions, absolutely. But if you want a really comprehensive guide to completing the 1023 from the specific perspective of a PTO, get a copy of the PTO Today Start Up guide.
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