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Articles of Organization or Incorporation?

17 years 10 months ago #77030 by jcarar
Thanks, Critter. But the 1023 form gives you the option of filing Articles of Incorporation or Organization. They leave this up to the filee (term?). So my question is whether we should do one or the other.

If we need to incorporate, then we will do that before filing the 1023.
17 years 10 months ago #77029 by Critter
Are you incorporated in your state? If not, why not? It's usually good advice to incorporate in your state as a non-profit BEFORE you file the 1023. The IRS views your incorporation date as the founding date of the new organization. Therefore, if you get your 501c3, and later decide to incorporate, to the IRS, you're forming a brand new org and must file the 1023 all over again.

All that said, if you are incorporated, you file Articles of Incorporation.
17 years 10 months ago #77028 by jcarar
Hi Everyone! As I mentioned in another post, we have just officially disbanded!

Now my question is whether we do line 1 or line 3 in form 1023 for 501c3 status--do we file Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation?

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