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Race for Education

17 years 2 months ago #130121 by Rockne
Replied by Rockne on topic RE: Race for Education
Still having trouble figuring out what the service is. Is it just a how-to? Met a walk-a-thon company at our Expo today in PA, and they take care of all billing, collections and paperwork. All group/parents/kids have to do is get the pledges and walk. That's a pretty clear/valuable benefit that takes the place of a really time-consuming/expensive part of the process. What am I missing with race for ed?


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17 years 2 months ago #130112 by buckso1
Replied by buckso1 on topic RE: Race for Education
No. They (RFE) never even see the mailing labels or any mailing list. They give you the materials and structure/support, but the school volunteers handle the mailers without RFE.

Our schools labels were due today for our race for ed and from what I can tell so far we have most of the classes in with 75 - 100% participation! Can you believe that? Unheard of for a fundraiser! Some kids have 50 labels! With our other fundraisers, we were lucky to have one or two classes with 50% participation. It is a lot of work (short term) but well worth it.
17 years 2 months ago #130080 by pals
Replied by pals on topic RE: Race for Education
I just skimmed at this, just curious do they get the names of donors at the end? Are they getting a mailing list out of this? Maybe I will read more.

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17 years 2 months ago #130056 by mommytlc
Replied by mommytlc on topic RE: Race for Education
I received the information today from the company and it states that they charge a 15% commission. We can live with that. They sent us a dvd to watch as well. This could be the start of some great profits for our PTO!
17 years 2 months ago #130027 by bucksco
Replied by bucksco on topic RE: Race for Education
We are using them and we are currently half way through the process. We struggled with the decision of going it alone vs. using RFE. After speaking to another school that worked with them the previous year and hearing how much goes into it (I had no idea how much work) we decided to pay the fee.
17 years 2 months ago #130004 by volunteermomo3
Ok, the website says it MUST be held on a school day.

Kickoff packets are sent home 7 weeks prior to event.

45 minute teacher training.

2nd grade and up write personal messages on mailer DURING CLASS TIME...

Acutally, it says that you can not share the information with any schools. Does not say just after the first year.

I would contact some of the schools on their site and talk to them personally. I would really hate to give this company up to $6000 when you could do a walk of your own on a Saturday and open it to the public with a registration fee.
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