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Sally Foster changes??

13 years 8 months ago #155347 by Not a Sally Foster fan anymore
Replied by Not a Sally Foster fan anymore on topic Re:Sally Foster changes??
Our school has been with Sally Foster for many years and we usually looked forward to the SF fundraiser and products. This year, no one from the company contacted us early to tell us about the new changes and even when they did, they failed to mention that 10% less went to the school.

It's a no brainer for us. No more Sally Foster next year.
13 years 8 months ago #155211 by Parent
Replied by Parent on topic Re:Sally Foster changes??
I just bought a giftcard from my friend's daughter and logged on to the website to choose my products. I am very unhappy with how this works since it was not explained that I would have to pay for shipping and tax, which brings my $20 giftcard purchase up to $30. Also, I can only purchase items that either fall under the $20 mark or over-I don't get items for exactly what I paid. All in all, I know it's a fundraiser but I feel like I was duped into buying something and not getting what I expected. As a PTA mom at my kids' school, I will not be endorsing this fundraiser at our school. Nobody I know would want to pay for shipping when I could put that money towards the value of an item that the school would actually receive a portion of.
14 years 3 months ago #153194 by middle age dad
Okay, their ad is still on the PTO site. Is everything now under the Entertainment site?
14 years 3 months ago #153193 by middle age dad
I went to the Sally Foster web page and it is closed until mid-July. Does anyone know why? Actually, i do not see their ads on this site. I heard that there are problems with their company, but is this related. Please let us know what you know!
14 years 3 months ago #153100 by Active Dad
Our school worked with Charleston Wraps last year and had great results. Their catalogs were the best we looked at with the best variety of useful products. They did everything that they said they would. Our families were happy too.
14 years 3 months ago #153097 by cre8yrdrmz
So what other companies are you looking at? We are looking around too. I would love to compare notes with anyone who wants to.
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