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Sally Foster changes??

14 years 5 months ago #152604 by pto mom
Replied by pto mom on topic Re:Sally Foster changes??
To the "parent in the know" sound like a Sally Foster Rep?
I have to agree with everyone catalog and giftcards with a minimum of a $20.00 Sally Foster for my school. The other factor is that orders are shipped to the house. What if both parents work? What if you live in an apartment? Do I have to go pick it up?!! No thanks!
14 years 5 months ago #152576 by ptomomindy
Replied by ptomomindy on topic Re:Sally Foster changes??
I had the misfortune of sitting through a SF presentation with our PTO group. Saw the "catalog", saw the $20 gift card mockups and asked questions....NOT from a competitor. Innovative? How so? Asking kids to go out and sell $20 gift cards when customers are used to seeing a big leave it up to those kids to explain what is going on? And leave it up to them to explain how to use them?

Let;s say my neighbor buys one of these cards for $20 from my kid...that person has to now, take his time to log on to the computer, go to ther SF website, select something, PAY FOR SHIP/HANDLING AND TAX...maybe the total is $17. You think that customer is going to go back another time and find something to buy for the remaining $3? No way! What a hassle.

This company clearly is going in the WRONG direction, like middlege dad said .
If you have any other info you care to correct us on, let us know.
14 years 5 months ago #152575 by a parent in the know.
Replied by a parent in the know. on topic Re:Sally Foster changes??
It is really sad that you are ALL misinformed about the Sally Foster changes.
Before you believe what a competitor has to say talk to a local Sally Foster rep.
Their program is with out a doubt the most inovative fund raiser out there.
Again, please talk to a rep and get all the facts.
By the way their new distribution center is an awesome facility twice the size of the old plant.
Sally Foster buys all their stuff from vendors so the production shut down is a rumor that needs clarification.
14 years 5 months ago #152447 by ptomomindy
Replied by ptomomindy on topic Re:Sally Foster changes??
You are right in your statements....and the ONLY option for a buyer now would be minimum of $20! I could certainly say, "No, sorry, too expensive" to little Jane too. Keep in mind the 8 billion dollars that counts for all unused/lost gift cards last, who profits on that, the consumer....NO. The company? Yes!!! Indeed they are going backwards and looking out for themselves and NOT our schools and certainly NOT the customer....Boo on YOU Sally!
14 years 5 months ago #152446 by middle age dad
Sally Foster is going backward. What great minds at this company decided this was the way to go? One huge mistake---they have taken away the "guilt factor" that many school sales are based upon. I do not care if their wrapping paper has gold trim around it, it is still (like all fund raising paper and products) overpriced and it is something I could do without Yet, when little Jane from next door comes to my house and ask me to buy something out of the catalog, EVEN if I do not want or need it, I feel I have to buy something because Jane is sitting right in front of me. With their new approach to Internet shopping, I think it will be easy to tell little Jane, oh yes, I will get on the computer and order something tomorrow. But will I?

Agree? or am I off base on what they are trying to do?
14 years 5 months ago #152437 by cre8yrdrmz
I was just looking through the latest PTO Today magazine and I didn't see Sally Foster or the Entertainment Company anywhere.
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