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School Mall

13 years 6 months ago #155463 by blah blah blah
Replied by blah blah blah on topic Re:School Mall
As a parent, this program rips at both sides of me. I get that it is an easy fundraiser for the school. It's just passing the buck onto our relatives and giving out personal information that my loved ones don't publish anywhere else. But you get the kids pumped up about some cheap little prize and the tears start flowing. This "fundraiser" or cop out by the PTO turns me off from EVER getting involved with PTO. Just ask me for plain old money, let me donate, and then be done with it. This fundraiser doesn't educate my child in the least.
14 years 2 months ago #153309 by Patty
Replied by Patty on topic Re:School Mall
Thanks for your input. I decided to do it and was a little surprised by the parents reactions. Some actually sent me my flyer back with NO written on it. I will send in what I received and hope for the best.
14 years 2 months ago #153308 by liberty
Replied by liberty on topic Re:School Mall
Our school just received a check for $1500+ and all we had to do was have hand out the booklets to the kids to fill out and return! I say go for it!
14 years 2 months ago #153049 by kholmes
Replied by kholmes on topic Re:School Mall
Our school has used School Mall for several years. When our group resurrected the PTO last March and I was voted President, I wanted nothing more than to get rid of that fundraiser. The reason for that was as a parent of 2 children in the school, I HATED filling in booklets with addresses so my friends and relatives could be solicited for magazine sales. I have to say however, that once I educated myself a bit and saw the proceeds that our school was able to raise, I became a believer and promoter of the program.

I even took an afternoon off from my "paying job" so I could visit every classroom personally to get the kids pumped up about it. Each child takes home a booklet that must be returned within a couple of days. Your parents do nothing but fill in some addresses -- no door to door selling, no phone calls, nothing. Your group earns money for each completed booklet plus a percentage of the sales. Not to mention the fact that there are prizes available for the kids, and bonus dollars if you're able to hit your goal.

Our small school of less than 150 students earns more than $1000 each year. The biggest thing here is to get the kids excited about it and to send a great promo letter home to parents urging them to help in this small way and make them aware of the big pay-off.
14 years 2 months ago #153024 by Patty
School Mall was created by Patty
Has anybody heard of or tried using School Mall as a fundraiser for their school? I was contacted recently and it sounds good but I am not sure what I have gotten myself and my school into
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