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School Mall

11 years 8 months ago #155496 by MomtoOne
Replied by MomtoOne on topic Re:School Mall
Our PTA just introduced this a few weeks ago. I didn't fill in postcards or return the book. The little on line shopping I do is with stores I am registered with and I get emails with discount codes and/or free shipping. I do dislike anything that gets the kids fired up about getting the cheap goodies.
I'd rather ask parents - not go thru the kids - to donate cash if they can. I don't like putting peer pressure on kids who aren't able to control family purchases.
11 years 6 months ago #156070 by KateP
Replied by KateP on topic Re:School Mall
My stepson came home with this last night. What an odious program. I'm not sure how the school board decided that our kids should be told that giving away family personal information to marketers with no interest in the well being of the school or community is a good thing. As far as fundraisers go, our kids can learn to do things to help people and the school (sponsored fun runs, bake sales, etc.) as opposed to learning to be lazy by just copying my phone book.

Also, I'm worried about the organization that runs this program (Reading in Education LLC?). There is very limited information about them on any website, and I have a feeling that the information, even if it is not "sold, is shared with affiliates.
11 years 6 months ago #156091 by FoxMom
Replied by FoxMom on topic Re:School Mall
We did this last year-- but we are not doing it again- we didn't have a great response--- they did call again this year and offer more per booklet and incentives if we had so many turned in- but parents didn't like giving out so much information about other families members and friends and some of the magazines that were purchased-- didn't ever come-- and when we discussed doing it again, my issue is that there was disconnect with the families and communities-- we are trying to do my family oriented events.
11 years 4 months ago #156888 by What a GREAT program!!!!!!!
Replied by What a GREAT program!!!!!!! on topic Re:School Mall
We did SchoolMall and LOVED it....It was the EASIEST fundraiser we have ever done. I did my research and I know for a FACT the postcards that are filled out NEVER do become any part of a mailing list! Our PTO earned really good money and it did not cost us anything and your parents are NOT ask to buy anything and the students are NOT selling. I highly recommend SchoolMall....WE LOVED IT!!!!!
10 years 9 months ago #158824 by Pennysmom
Replied by Pennysmom on topic Re:School Mall
Our PTO has been approached by a representative from School Mall. We are undecided as to whether or not we should participate. I'd like to gather some feedback from others regarding the success of this program. Are there any schools that are still using this as a source for fundraising? If so, how has the response from your supporters been? Would you recommend it to other schools? Why or why not?
9 years 8 months ago #162153 by Robin Powers
Replied by Robin Powers on topic Re:School Mall
Our school attempted to register for this program. The rep. from School Mall asked a battery of questions about the student population our school serves. After learning that a large percentage of our student body receives free or reduced lunch and are English Language Learners, the School Mall rep. determined that our school wouldn't be "a good fit" for their program and we were declined enrollment on that basis. I don't know how they can justify their "profiling" of our srudent body in such an egregious, outragous manner! To flippantly determine that our student body and their extended family and friends must be too poor or too Hispanic to buy their crap online is beyond comprehension. We have a fundraiser scheduled for the spring through an affiliiate of School Mall where we would be selling school spirit wear to our students. Historically, we have made thousands of dollars for that company. However, guess who will be promptly cancelling that event on Monday morning? We will take our business elsewhere....somewhere that realizes that everybody's money is the same color in this country! Please don't support this blatantly racist organization. You're just lining their pockets from the hard earned dollars of your family and friends. There are plenty of worthy organizations out there. We plan to contact the School Mall merchants to inform them of the offensive policies of this company!
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