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Holiday shop question

9 years 10 months ago #154347 by dns2202
Has anyone done a Holiday shop without going through a company? Last year we went through a company and made $300 on a $3,000 shop. We are looking to do the shop by ourselves this year. Has anyone done this? Do you have any suggestions?
9 years 10 months ago #154426 by CMay2CK
Replied by CMay2CK on topic Re:Holiday shop question
I've thought about this as well. It would, of course, take more effort on your part, and your organization would have to front the money for the goods (and potentially be left with unsold goods). I just think maybe a better choice of products would make a more successful fundraiser. I would love to hear what ideas you come up with. Especially things like sources for goods and what not. :-)
9 years 10 months ago #154440 by tribefan
Replied by tribefan on topic Re:Holiday shop question
Hold your own craft fair, invite local crafts for a nominal fee and then charge admission as well. You could also sell food(hot dogs etc.), beverages and baked goods during the fair and maybe even have your own booth with donated goods. Also have each vendor donate an idea for a Chinese raffle.
9 years 10 months ago #154445 by foxmom
Replied by foxmom on topic Re:Holiday shop question
I've been running our Santa shop for 4 years now-- and we purchase all our own merchandise-- we have made a profit of approx. 2,000.00 each year after buying all our product for the next year. So the first year you are out money initially-- so let's say you spend approx. 5,000.00- you run your santa shop and sell your items and make 7,0000.-- after the sale- and Christmas-- you go shop for next year's sale and use 5,000.00 for shopping-- that gives you a profit of $2,000.00 and all your shoppijg is done--- also anything left -- carry over-- you can always discount the items down for the following year-- we do that will misc. items that have been around for 2 or more years-- as you run the sale-- you get a feel for what the kids want-- also by buying your own items to sell-- you can get a better quality product to offer the kids-- we also open the last day for family shopping to help sell off what we have on hand-- we use a Santa shop envelop -- all my letters and envelop are on the file exchange if you want to check them out-- we shop Target, Kmart, Meijer, Hallmark stores, Kroger- they have a gift area, Wal-mart and Sporting goods stores and anywhere else that might have a deal- our most expensive item is $5.00 ( and these are logo shirts, jewelry boxes, yard stick of golf balls, Disney merchandise, CZ earrings, watches (citizen, timex)- and we also do a showcase to help show parents items that will be available- as parents saw the items offered, they sent money in-- since they saw that kids were buying pretty nice items.
9 years 10 months ago #154458 by gap098
Replied by gap098 on topic Re:Holiday shop question
This will be our second year of buying for Santa's Workshop. I am a bargin shopper and when I found out that they had only made around $200.00 I told them I would do the shopping. If you are going to do it you need to start now. I have been shopping since Dec 26th. Best times to find things are after a holiday like Mother& Fathers Day. Hit all the stores the month of Jan to get some really great deals. Last year our profit was $1800.00 and I hope we do better this year.
9 years 10 months ago #154498 by Laurene
Replied by Laurene on topic Re:Holiday shop question
I have helped run our school holiday store for the past two years at a profit of $4,000 for a school size of almost 800 students. We keep most prices low from 50¢ to $5. Our items include:
1. CRAFTS made by parent and student volunteers: last year we made 300 reindeer candy canes, 300 no-sew fleece scarves for moms, dads and students, 50 small decorated holiday trees, 100 little xmas stockings filled with pet dog bones from Costco or cat toys made with fleece scraps tied to foam paint sticks from Michael's, doll blankets made from fleece scraps
2. WHOLESALE toys purchased from A)Toyssmith (best quality, a little pricey), B) Joissu (great prices, beware of some cheap quality toys), C) Oriental Trading (shop xmas sales in Jan, beware of lots of poor quality items that can be sent back for a refund),
3. MICHAELS after holiday sale in late Dec and early Jan for 80% to 90% off their dollar items and holiday decor such as note pads, gifts boxes to fill with candy, candles, ornaments, 40 holiday wreaths and 40 poinsettias we buy at $5 each and sell for $8 to $10 to parents and teachers. The wreaths decorate the cafeteria during the boutique and any unsold ones are allowed to be kept up after the boutique with discreet price tags so the cafeteria looks festive for student holiday concerts.
4. DOLLAR STORE online
5. COSTCO Online
6. CLAIR'S jewlery store sometimes has amazing sales on costume jewelry that we try to select the nicer pieces that Moms and teens would appreciate
7. SEE'S CANDY - we send an order form before the boutique for candy to be picked up during the boutique, as well as a limited supply available for sale at the boutique.
PRICING - we buy
8. CONSIGNMENT - We are looking for a source to purchase some items that can be bought on consignment or returned if unsold.
9. ADULT GIFTS - We are still looking for a better source to purchase adult gifts, especially for Dads.

STORAGE: We are very lucky our school has a storage closet they let us use during the year to store pre-purchased items. We try to make our big purchases of multiple items closer to the date of the boutique, but allowing us enough time to return items of poor quality.

PRICING; We buy Post-it 3/4" round Removeabe Pinter stickers, template #2700-O to print our own pricing stickers. They can be printed on a printer or a master copy can be printed on plain paper and xeroxed onto stickers using the school copier as needed.
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