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Holiday shop question

2 years 7 months ago #172215 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic Re:Holiday shop question
Was your shop successful? We are also a small school (65kids) We want to do a shop mostly for the kids smiles but we don't want to lose money either. We plan to buy things ourself.
2 years 4 months ago #172351 by jbdropsey
Replied by jbdropsey on topic Holiday shop question
I have been running our Santa Shop for about 7 years. Our school has approx. 800 kids from grades K-6. We decided long ago that doing our own shopping was not only more economical, but resulted in much better gift choices. Our Santa Shop is not run during school, but 2 nights in a row after school. We time it with some large grade level performances at the school which help bring in even more families to shop. It is also open to our community, not just our school families. One of the largest additions we made a few years ago was adding a vendor fair throughout the hallways. We now have about 40 vendors that come and sell their products or advertise their business. We charge them a nominal fee to rent a table (we provide) for both nights. So while kids are shopping in Santa Shop, our adults are out shopping the vendors (the adults like to shop in Santa Shop as well). We make about $1000 off of the vendors and another $2000 off of Santa Shop and then we also added Santa’s Snack Shop with cookies, hot chocolate and more and typically make a few hundred off of that as well. Our music teacher offers up small groups of student carolers. Our student council has a donation/free gift wrapping station. We invite Santa and Mrs. Claus one of the nights. We also do a poinsettia same and time the pickup during Santa Shop hours. It has basically grown to become this huge fun event! We love it.

We purchase all sorts of items for Santa Shop so we cover the spectrum of gift recipients, moms, dads, siblings, babies, grandparents, friends, teachers, pets, etc... Our prices for items range from $0.25 up to $20.00. Some of my favorite places to shop for Santa Shop...

Five Below
Christmas Tree Shops
Old Time Pottery
Dollar Tree (other Dollar Stores)
Kipp Brothers
Rhode Island Novelty
Hobby Lobby
Ali Express

Hope this helps!
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