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Holiday shop question

9 years 8 months ago #154976 by Kathy
Replied by Kathy on topic Re:Holiday shop question
We used a local company for a few years, it was on consignment but only thing it was the same gifts year after year. We decided to change two years ago and we are glad we did, they had the #1 mom, #1 dad, #1 uncle, #1 aunt, #1 grandpa, #1 grandma, #1 sister, #1 brother merchandise in keychains, mugs, pens, bracelets, necklaces, hats plus they had pamper items, pet toys/treats, Christmas ornaments, toys, jewelry, hand-dipped chocolates that's all I can remember. The prices were from .50 to 7.00 and basically we made about $600 in a school of 150 kids. The parents who came to shop like the variety and quality of the products and they actually did their Christmas shopping too.

This company was in Pennsylvania and our school is in Iowa and we paid for the shipping, but it was worth it. We were planning to use Rainbow Gifts again this year but our principal doesn't want us to have the Holiday shop. :(
9 years 8 months ago #154993 by lbthibod
Replied by lbthibod on topic Re:Holiday shop question
A great resource for finding local artisans is You can shop by local crafters in your area. Once your find shops in your area, you can see what they offer and contact them to see if they may want to participate or donate items to your event. You can charge them a set-up fee as described in another post. Or, the local crafter may want to donate items for say a "Silent Auction". Also, many Etsy shops are willing to sell their goods at wholesale prices so that you can mark up the items for resale to generate a profit for you. I have donated several of my items to local events by being contacted in this way.

Good Luck with your event!

Sweet & Sassy Sewing
9 years 8 months ago #154998 by EireAislynn
Last year we sought donations from local crafters and businesses. We have a low-income school, and each item was marked from .25-1.00, and the students were allowed to purchase one item for each family member. The kids loved it, and we enjoyed the gifts much more than the products we could have bought from a sale. We're wanting to do it again this year, but every single teacher vetoed the idea. We're considering having it at our Holiday Fun Night this year.
9 years 8 months ago #155132 by JPalmer
Replied by JPalmer on topic Re:Holiday shop question
I'm planning to do my own shop as well...and not use a company. I guess my question is - how much inventory do I actually purchase. It is only a one-day Bazaar. This is my first year running the shop, so I don't have the luxury of knowing the quantity we went through in previous years. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Our school enrollment is around 225 students. Thanks!
8 years 10 months ago #158190 by deanna
Replied by deanna on topic Re:Holiday shop question
We purchased everything through either the dollar store or through catalogs, our christmas shop is only to help kids shop for family was not supposed to be fundraiser and we made over $500 because of the catalog buys and because of some of the 2 for 1 at the dollar store, everything was $1 apiece at the shop. easy checkout. and we got to pick out the items not some company
8 years 10 months ago #158191 by deanna
Replied by deanna on topic Re:Holiday shop question
we had 417 students last year, and I made several stops at the store to restock. i would suggest figuring 80% of students and 5 items per student. and then have an additional 100 items to cover anything else and pray you have a dollar store in your area if you have to refill
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