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Corporate Sponsorship for school

8 years 11 months ago #167551 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic Corporate Sponsorship for school
I think PTO sponsorship is a great idea and while our PTO is not large enough for something like this, I say go for it! For the one naysayer, this is really no different than the package (liquor) store or the car dealership who angered one cranky customer who sponsors a little league team, programs for drama performance, an ad in yearbook, etc. Great fundraising idea. I also belong to a school foundation and we DO THIS type of sponsorship with our annual campaign but we call them Platinum, Gold, Silver, Red Apples and then Apple Seed, obviously descending in values. Again, good thinking! I'll be checking out your website for ideas.
9 years 3 months ago #167185 by JC
Replied by JC on topic Corporate Sponsorship for school
I love this idea! Would you kindly share the letter and any material you have used to acquire corporate sponsorships? jchandler at
10 years 8 months ago #164241 by Trisa

Our school has almost 50% of the student body on free/reduced lunch and therefore the money coming in was quite limited. The primary school of thought for our corporate sponsorship was to encourage businesses in our local area to support the school. Of course, we had to show how this sponsorship would be mutually beneficial so we put together a list of things we could do as a school, to cross promote. Then our sponsorship packages came to life.

One of the bigger sponsorships we have is for our student field trip shirts. This is our second year of securing a specific company to pay for all shirts, allowing us to sell them for $10 each. We have our artwork on the front while the back has the corp. sponsorship logo. Choosing a cool shirt and graphics is key to the sales though - this year we chose a multicolored tie dye and they sold like hotcakes! To get a business on board with this sponsorship, they need to really be advised as to the exposure they can receive - how many students are at the school, how many field trips, etc.

Your PTO/PTA, along with the principal at your school, need to come up with ways you can help promote a sponsors business; logo on a website, decals or stickers on folders, sponsorship wall at the school, flyers to be distributed, etc. The businesses need to be reminded these students are their future employees, or community business owners. Once you establish your program, it will continue to grow each year.

We are now in our 3rd year, just starting our 2nd week of school, and we have already secured 15 sponsors for a total of about $15,000. We have 5 different sponsorship levels this year ranging from $250 - $5,000, appealing to businesses of all sizes. This is extremely important to your small business owners knowing they are able to participate.

Good luck! Please feel free to contact me with any more questions.
10 years 9 months ago #164209 by Melissa
Replied by Melissa on topic Re:Corporate Sponsorship for school
What a great idea, I'm on the committee from a school where 75% of our students are on reduced or free lunch. So needless to say we need to fund raise alittle out of the box. I have been searching and came across your information. I was interested to find out how it went for your first year? Is it something you are doing again? Was the money there? Last year the committee fizzled out so there were no fundraisers but of course the spending continued, so unless we can come up with other ideas there will be no field trips or supplies provided by us.
Thanks for your information!
11 years 8 months ago #161405 by adryan110200
This is a great idea! We have many large corp offices in our small city. Could I see a copy of the levels you are offering and the letter that was sent? can you email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

11 years 9 months ago #161370 by Nkurcab
I really like this idea! I hear you I'm on the board of the PTO and am charge of fundraising ideas and implementing them. I'm tired of selling food items, candles etc. As the president of the PTO, I strive to make the best choice and get the best return for our families. Our community is small, may I ask how large your community is ? We only have 3 eating establishments a few bars, 1 gas station. Can I ask what your $ you charged and what your different levels included. Thanks, Nancy
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