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Corporate Sponsorship for school

1 year 1 month ago #173190 by Susan Milo
Replied by Susan Milo on topic Corporate Sponsorship for school
Oh i just saw the plus membership cost on PTO. Valuable info, just we don't have the money. I am happy to see there is such a membership. Thank you for all the info you have provided thus far. It has been helpful!
1 year 1 month ago #173191 by Liz L
Hi Susan,
It's correct that Plus resources are part of a paid membership, but have you seen this article? There's lots of helpful information about working with businesses.

Best of luck in your efforts.
-Liz from PTO Today
11 months 3 weeks ago #173230 by Jeff Filaseta
Replied by Jeff Filaseta on topic Corporate Sponsorship for school
Hi Trisa,

Is your school still doing the corporate sponsorships?

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