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New PTO with no money! First fundraiser?

9 years 8 months ago #166417 by Sara
Go to your local restaurants, see if you can set fundraisers up with them. They're quick to set up. Can last one day or a weekend. I work with CPK community outreach and we donate 20% of the fundraiser sales back.
9 years 9 months ago #166318 by Kim
Do a Santa's breakfast, Rollerskating, save around books, catalog sales,school pictures fall and spring, box tops ( we make thousands on box tops) square one art. Please email me and I can help you get started. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
9 years 9 months ago #166317 by Sabrina
Replied by Sabrina on topic Re:New PTO with no money! First fundraiser?
If your school uses Lifetouch as their photographer for school pictures, talk to your Principal about the check the school will receive for using them. Our Principal gives us one of the checks each year. We do fall and spring photos. Less than 500 students and it's around $600. If they use another service, still talk to your Principal to find out if they get a kick back or not.

Also, I HIGHLY advise going with a company that does non profit paperwork. If you do it yourself, you have 24 months (I think - it might be longer) to complete it. If you pay a company who specializes in that sort of thing, it's done in 30 days. Costs around $600. WELL WORTH IT in my opinion.

Also, start collecting Box Tops. First submission to receive a check in Dec is Nov 3.

Race for Education is another. Though it will have some out of pocket expense - the reward can be AMAZING! But you will need A LOT OF HELP to pull it off.

Good luck!
9 years 9 months ago #166316 by Julie RG
Replied by Julie RG on topic Re:New PTO with no money! First fundraiser?
I would highly suggest signing up for Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education. There are tons of resources online with collection sheets, tips, etc. It is an easy way to make $ for your school. It will take some time, but it is something you can do now for later.

Our school typically earns $3000 a year in box tops and donates all Labels for Education to a neighboring school in our district who can use the funds/supplies.

Consider working with your school district or nearby schools to see if they can send you their box tops and/or labels.

Bake sales are always a hit. Use iVolunteer or something similar to request parents to bake and bring 1-2 dozen baked goods and sell them. Or do an old-fashioned paper sign up sheet in the office.

Also, e-waste events are a super easy way to make money and are mutually beneficial for all involved.

Depending on your city, you may be able to hit up your area's councilmember for some funds. Typically councilmembers give out $500 grants to schools who request the money (especially for specific reasons). It might be enough to get you rolling!

Good luck!
9 years 9 months ago #166315 by Ryane Postell
Replied by Ryane Postell on topic Re:New PTO with no money! First fundraiser?
I started off with $50, thanks to a generous donation, and was in your same shoes! My school is also a low income school. My first year I went to Barnes & Nobles and gift wrapped for donation during Christmas (if you have any book stores check into it because time slots may run out) There wasn't a huge amount of money made, but it was a start. I also pre-sold spirit shirts and made more money. Then pre-sold yearbooks for even more money. Once I got some money brought in I started a "Fun Friday," where the kids would pay $1 to wear a special theme. Then at the end of the day all the kids could buy snacks from our snack shop. We easily averaged $60 in about 45 minutes with our snack shop! We also did a Valentine's Dance and made over $400 with our snack shop. The start up for snack shop was about $200 from Sam's club.

Some other things we did to raise money was push Box Tops for Education heavily! It's free money! We also charged yearly dues, although this wasn't heavily pushed because we were just happy to get some parents engaged. By year's end we had quite a bit of funds saved up.

I also highly recommend getting to know your local businesses. They generally like to help out! Plus, many businesses need to do a certain amount of community service!

Research the fundraisers (you'll be plenty of things in the mail) and once you make your decision get to talking with them this summer and start early next year.

Hope this gives ya some ideas and helps ya out!
9 years 9 months ago #166314 by cmnbak
- Membership - Membership Drive is a must, no matter how small - You can get coupons from Sonic - Chik Fil A - to hand out to anyone who signs up. Set a price - 3-4-5.00, even 50 members is helpful.

- We have a Fun Friday at lunch - we make popcorn and sell it for 50 cents a bag - snocones 1.00 - cookies - 50 cents a bag - We generate about 100-150 a week which isn't tons but every little bit helps. Even if you just started with popcorn! have to stay within healthy guidelines.

- School Dance - Little Overhead - 3.00 to enter - hotdogs, nachos, pickles, pop for concessions - Boom box -

- On donations, some companies don't care about 501 and some do! Some will accept just a letter


- Fall Carnival - Have parents donate candy - there are some EASY CHEESY booths you could have - 25 cents a throw or 5 for 1.00 -

- At the Movies (show during school) - 1.00 to enter - most will participate

- Parents Night Out - Babysitting - No overhead - games in one room - movie in one room - activities in one room Charge 5.00 for one child for 2-3 hours - Have a snack and koolaid - Must sign up so you can have help ready

- You could send out a flyer - FREE MEMBERSHIP first year - See how many sign up - have a form at bottom where they can sign up to help with PTO by way of baking - volunteering time - etc...

- Don't underestimate your parents - They may not can pay 5.00 a month or something but they can generally come up with 1.00 for things....

- Still thinking............
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