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Cherrydale Farms

19 years 3 weeks ago #80880 by mykidsmom
Replied by mykidsmom on topic RE: Cherrydale Farms
Our school does most of the catalog sales and LOVES this company! Many families ASK for it by name when they register for school as to when the kids will be selling their candy and items. Unfortunatly, I haven't personally delt with their reps but the staff members that have have yet to air an issue with or to me!

Their chocolate is just evil!! ;)
19 years 3 weeks ago #80879 by Laney
Replied by Laney on topic RE: Cherrydale Farms
We have used Cherrydale for the past 2 years. Each year we have had one problem or another- not getting all the order at once, getting orders from another school and having a hard time getting a credit for it, orders supposed to be packaged by student but not. Our rep is a wonderful man who has been in fundraising for ages so we have stuck it out as I had heard a lot of great things about the company. Our profits are about the same as we have had in the past as I think they have a variety of products that help. A little on the high side but arent they all? LOL Its worth a shot at any rate. Our rep offers either a reward party w/ jupiter jump and games, etc. or cash rewards. The one thing I dont like is that so many schools in our area use the company/rep that we often cross in our fundraisers which I'm sure hinder our sales. Good luck!
19 years 3 weeks ago #80878 by Melissa Constantine
Replied by Melissa Constantine on topic RE: Cherrydale Farms
We received some kind of extra incentive for signing, but I don't remember now what it is. I do know that the ladies on the PTO virtually SQUEALED in delight when they tasted the chocolates. [img]smile.gif[/img]
19 years 3 weeks ago #80877 by C. Brooks
Replied by C. Brooks on topic RE: Cherrydale Farms
I sold Cherry Dale Farms last year for my non-trad college group. It was a hassle. I am so glad my kids don't have to sell. I don't know if the problem was with co. or the organizers on my end. It was a new thing and we were very spread out. The rep was very nice and their chocolate is VERY good.
19 years 3 weeks ago #80876 by ScottMom#1
Replied by ScottMom#1 on topic RE: Cherrydale Farms
This will be our first year using Cherrydale for our fall fundraiser as well. They seem to be very organized and our rep sounded understanding and able to fill our needs. Besides they have an awesome assortment of stuff in their catalog. Did they offer you and early sign and first time signer bonus?

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19 years 3 weeks ago #80875 by Melissa Constantine
Cherrydale Farms was created by Melissa Constantine
Has anybody ever used Cherrydale Farms as your catalog fundraiser? We used another company last year, and I absolutely DETESTED the rep, so we signed with Cherrydale. Now I am hearing not-so-good things, and am a little concerned about my decision. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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