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Cherrydale Farms

5 years 4 months ago #172927 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic Cherrydale Farms
Stay away from Cherrydale, the product is not good quality.
7 years 9 months ago #170532 by Over scheduled Mom of 5!
Just saw this...just getting my head in the back to school mode and had to say that last year was our first year with Cherrydale and we rebooked for this year because it ran so smooth. Sometimes I think it might be the representative that is the issue as our rep was there at delivery and it was seamless. We also made $1200 more for our school. Hoping this fall's sale runs as smooth as last.
8 years 5 months ago #169271 by PTA Fundraising Chair
Replied by PTA Fundraising Chair on topic Cherrydale Farms
We used Cherrydale for our last fundraiser, and it was a mess from start to finish. We'll never go back.
8 years 6 months ago #169146 by center director
Replied by center director on topic Cherrydale Farms
We used Cherrydale Farms for our fall fundraiser, we scheduled date for items to come but nothing came. The company just did not do their job and schedule our items to be delivered. They couldn't or wouldn't get items to us for 2 additional weeks. The rep has done nothing to make this better. I had parents that had to take off work early to come pick up items, only to find out at the last second no delivery was actually scheduled. The rep confirmed delivery date and time just the week before. The rep said we could do other options to deliver sooner and then we were not allowed those delivery options either. I would not use this company again.
18 years 11 months ago #80888 by Melissa Constantine
Replied by Melissa Constantine on topic RE: Cherrydale Farms
I have decided not to go with Cherrydale for the simple reason that my rep hasn't returned my last two phone calls. Cherrydale needs ME more than I need THEM! Now, because of poor customer service, they have lost our account.
19 years 2 hours ago #80887 by vpmom
Replied by vpmom on topic RE: Cherrydale Farms
We have used Cherrydale for the past few years. It makes a lot of money, but we have found that the quality of merchandise is not so good! People buy it because they want to help your school but when it comes in - you are embarrassed to deliver it! We are checking into some other catalog type programs for next year.
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