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Entertainment/Sally Foster

18 years 8 months ago #83870 by antelala
Just finished our Sally Foster sale, and are getting ready to input the orders online. We had a great response from students & parents, even without an assembly to "kick it off". One thing I did do was get a sample kit sent to me and displayed it anywhere possible before and during the sale. The products are very nice and the pricing isn't bad. Without having a accurate "total", I'm guessing that our profit is somewhere around $9,000.00 and we have a student body of 740 K-6 children.
18 years 8 months ago #83869 by rskk
Replied by rskk on topic RE: Entertainment/Sally Foster
We have used Sally Foster for years and we absolutely would not change for anything! Great products, great sales reps, great customer service!
18 years 9 months ago #83868 by <Donna Nickols>
Replied by <Donna Nickols> on topic RE: Entertainment/Sally Foster
Summer Vacation is getting eaiser for next year...It will now be a brochure sale. There is a site where you can view all of the infomation on the books and CD's. They are adding additional products that can be purchased for the summer. I think that the Workbooks and software will now be sent to our homes instead of the school.

I was also told that PTO's and PTA's can pre-purchase the workbooks and software (at a reduced rate) for those who can not afford them. It is considered their Title 1 program. A nice thing if you have kids on scolarship who can not afford the product. We are even thinking about pruchasing the whole 4th grade..since that is where we see so many issues with the kids.
18 years 10 months ago #83867 by Serendipity

Here is the link so you can check out the products the program offers. Towards the end of the school year you send each kid home with a grade appropriate (for the grade they will be going into) work book and cd. The parents and kids can check out the cd and work book for a couple of days, then they can buy just the cd, just the work book, or both, or simply return the whole thing.

A rep comes back and collects the money and the returned cd's & work books. You do not pay anything for any unreturned, lost, or damaged products.

This is something you do more as a service as it is not a fundraiser. However you do get something like 300 points for doing it and you can purchase items out of their catalog for the school using your points.
18 years 10 months ago #83866 by <Donna Nickols>
Replied by <Donna Nickols> on topic RE: Entertainment/Sally Foster
Summer Vacation is a workbook and software that is geared towards summer learning. It helps my kids stay active in grade level activities so they don't fall behind over the summer. My children love it, and it is better than letting them sit in front of the tv on rainy days.
18 years 10 months ago #83865 by Holly Eighmy
What is the Summer Vacation program? I didn't see any information on it on their web site.

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