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Entertainment/Sally Foster

18 years 10 months ago #83864 by Serendipity
We will be doing entertainment books this fall for the first time. We did summer vacation this year and while I do not know the exact percentage of parents that purchased, I do know that we did well and that it was successful.

As the other poster noted the Summer vacation program is not a fundraiser, but you do get points for doing it and those points can be used to purchase items for your school.
18 years 10 months ago #83863 by <Donna Nickols>
Replied by <Donna Nickols> on topic RE: Entertainment/Sally Foster
Our 250+ students just finished the Summer Vacation program from Entertainment Inc with incredible results! Even though this is not a fundraiser, we had over 90% retention of product buyers--many parents ordered up a grade for next year. Needless to say we were very pleased--our rep is wonderful and the company is very professional and has made everything very easy for the volunteers and teachers.
18 years 10 months ago #83862 by smenny13
We have used them for the Entertainment Books and the Sally Foster and they have been wonderful!!! My sales rep is the greatest. The parents really like the product they have to offer. It is nice to be able to buy things of good quality from a fundraiser instead of junk.
18 years 10 months ago #83861 by Shawn
We've used 'em for just the cookie dough and baked /frozen items and everyone loves the product and our rep has been outstanding.

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18 years 10 months ago #83860 by &lt;Donna Nickols&gt;
Entertainment/Sally Foster was created by &lt;Donna Nickols&gt;
Just checking.....Looking at Sally Foster, Entertainment Books, Summer Vacation and thier Cookie Dough. Has anyone out there used them and what do you think. I like the products and the rep. Just wanted to make sure they were as good as I think they are. Thanks for helping out.
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