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prizes for carnival games

23 years 1 month ago #84950 by Dottie
Replied by Dottie on topic RE: prizes for carnival games
One of my biggest concerns this year was all the parents saying "We are tired of the junk given out at carnivals". So we did a little research and found companies that we could buy good prizes from. We have alot of blow up stuff (Balls, Hammers, Aliens etc.)We also bought scooters, skate boards etc., yes these cost but if you buy in bulk they are cheaper. We up our games to 50 cents since our outside stuff is cheap... $5.00 for all you can ride. I stayed away from all the little items like spider rings, little balls etc because we felt that after asking these children year after year to sell that we needed to give back to them. We have managed to stay 2000.00 under budget.
23 years 1 month ago #84949 by jswindell
Replied by jswindell on topic RE: prizes for carnival games
We hold a Fall Carnival every year. Last year we had more than enough prizes donated from a local amusement park. These prizes are simular to what we have ordered from Oriental Trading Co. This might be an approach you can take. We are a low income school with 100 students. We sell our tickets for $0.10 each or 10 for a dollar. Students receive their prize (sm., med., or large) at the game.
23 years 1 month ago #84948 by Kat
Replied by Kat on topic RE: prizes for carnival games
Thanks to all of you who replied! You gave me all the information I guess I need. Thanks for the websites and phone numbers. I'm sure to check them out.
23 years 1 month ago #84947 by Krippe
Replied by Krippe on topic RE: prizes for carnival games

We have our Carnival in the fall. I was in the same boat as you are. I called Oriental Trading Co and one of their representatives helped me with the same questions you are asking. They were very helpful! The number is 800-228-2269.

23 years 1 month ago #84946 by chrystal
Replied by chrystal on topic RE: prizes for carnival games
We just had our 46th Winter Carnival...we do not have rides, but we do have tons of games. We use a company that also does Santa Secret Shop...they supply the games for free because we buy the prizes from them. The company sets all prize levels on their prizes as well as the cost to play each game. ALL unused merchandise is sent back...even if it has been opened. We have a ticket pre-sale the week before the carnival at a price of 5 for a dollar (the night of the carnival it is 4 for a dollar) All kiddie land games (2nd grade and younger) are 1 ticket and they always get a consolation prize...the rest of the games are 2 or 3 tickets. We also use the tickets for food. My big suggestion to any organization using ticket sales is use the double rolls of tickets they kind that have the "keep this Ticket" on one side. Because of questions in the past we used this system this year...the volunteers selling tickets would keep the stub and it basically works as a receipt of how many tickets that person sold. We usually only made about $1000.00 profit when it was all said and done but this year we almost tripled it:) We also had alot of local business's donate things...cake for cake walk, pop for pop walk, and if they donated money we used it to buy more cakes. To recognize these "school friendly" businesses on the back of the map with game location that everyone received we listed them. Carnival's are great fun for the kids and well worth the hard work...don't forget if you are short volunteers contact your high school's honor society and the local senior center...we also had Mason's that came too. Our biggest attraction has been the pay a ticket to put someone in and their "bail is two"...we have auxillary police that come in to help us run this one. Good luck and have fun:)

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23 years 1 month ago #84945 by chrystal
Replied by chrystal on topic RE: prizes for carnival games
I have ordered all the prizes for our fair for two years. We have 422 families/550 students. I order through USTOY and Toy Depot as they offer free shiping and handling and I like their quality MUCH better that Oriental Trading Co. I also do not always want a gross of most prizes. Our tickets are 25 cents each. Advance sale tickets are 5 for a dollar. Most games are 50 cents. If you win a game you earn a star ticket which can be redeemed at the prize tables. If you lose you get a "booby" prize- in recent years this has been a tootsie rol (bought from a wholesaler) The prize tables have 1,2,3,4,6,8,and10 ticket prizes. A one ticket prize cost us under a quarter, 2 ticket prize under 50 cents and so on. I inventory all the prizes so I know how many I used both years. lots of work now but I can order by phone from home again next year and lnow I have what I need. We use some left over prizes for our Pumpkin Fest in the fall. We have used 889 one star prizes, 495 2 star, 328 3 star, 186 4 star, 96 6 star ticket, 45 8 star, 25 10 star prize. I also buy lollipops for the lollypop tree. This year we went through 500 Blow Pops!!!! We also sell inflatables and go through 6 dozen. I bag prizes for the treasure chest (I try to use left over from last year one star prizes that were a bust) and make 300 bags. we have an apron lady-she walks around with an apron on with many pockets on it. We supply 300 prizes and it works like a grab bag. I buy 4800 booby prizes and had a LOT left over. Hope this helps some. Good Luck I actually enjoy this committee. US Toys number- 1-800-255-6124 ( and toy depot 1-800-873-1774 fax-1-800-873-1758
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