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prizes for carnival games

23 years 2 months ago #84944 by dremal
Replied by dremal on topic RE: prizes for carnival games
We also order from Oriental Trading Company. Most of there stuff comes in bags of 144(Unit). What you don't use store for next year. We do our carnival at Halloween time and we also have a dinner. We give the first 250 children through the door a bag with a couple of small prizes and 10 free tickets everyone in the valley is welcome then we sell tickets for those who run out for 25 cents each. We have small prizes if you loose and a larger prize if you win and let them pick the prize out of the bucket. I could go on for hours, if you want to know more about our games or other activities that we do that night e-mail me.
23 years 2 months ago #84943 by gifford
Replied by gifford on topic RE: prizes for carnival games
Our teachers run our school carnival but parents work in the booths on half hour shifts. The pto runs white elephant bingo in the gym at the same time. They order all prizes from The Oriental Trading Company. As to how much?? I have no idea how you could judge that with out having any prior data--A shot in the dark there. I do believe from this company any unopened packages can be returned. We sell the tickets (blue) for 25 cents each and most games take 1 ticket and the kids recieve a ticket (yellow) for just playing, and two if they win. The yellow tickets can be redeamed for prizes in the prize booth. Prizes are given a ticket value similar to Peter Piper Pizza (except our prizes are nicer and cost less tickets to get a nice gift). I hope this helps. Ü
23 years 2 months ago #84942 by Kat
prizes for carnival games was created by Kat
Our school is holding it's first carnival, and we need to order prizes for the games. We have no clue how many/what type to order. We've got several catalogues of prizes, but need an idea of the number of prizes to order. Our school is a small (140 students), rural one--the town it is in is only about 200 or less people.

Also, what prices do you charge for the games? All the same or different? We will be using a ticket system where you purchase tickets and use those to "pay" for the games.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated!
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