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Has anyone ever had a fake jail at their spring carnival

21 years 3 months ago #85541 by lliband
we had one at our halloween carnival. we had people pay the jailer to put someone in it and we also set a bail price to get out. either a ticket, or a song, or something like that - jailers discretion if the person in jail did not have any tickets or money left. other people could also post bail if the incarcerated person was all out of tickets. we also set up a digital camera and took pictures of "inmates" and printed them on a wanted poster. this was included in the cost. we found most kids put themselves in jail for the photos. ours was a western theme and the jailer dressed like a sheriff.
21 years 3 months ago #85540 by momma mia 31
i was wondering if anyone had ever done a fake jail type of thing at their carnivals. If so, how does that work? Not sure if you pay money to get someone put in jail or if the person has to pay to get out or what. it sounds like it would be a lot of fun but I have no idea where to start.
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