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sample letter to local business for donations

15 years 9 months ago #143203 by Kids Kingdom
Replied by Kids Kingdom on topic RE: sample letter to local business for donations
Please send/email Sample letters to corporations and business for donations and Grassroot projects..and any ideas , I don't have a lot of people help, but organization has name recognition. see my website: Perkins Home Page - Play Here Basketball program... We are having Girls Night out at the Comets opening Game on Tuesday night (05/27/08) Tickets(300) bought and given by Kids Kingdom Foundation organization... Need help with funding for needed and worthy projects for our at risk youth of today..Striving to be Leaders of Tommorrow and restoration of our family through wholesome family activities to share quality time with and to talk about later for Good-time memories..

Please send some positive feedback and any Donor contacts you have to make a connection.
Thanks in Advance,
Minister Ouida Perkins,
15 years 9 months ago #143198 by Kids Kingdom
Replied by Kids Kingdom on topic RE: sample letter to local business for donations
Please if anyone has any suggestions or examples of letters to a business for donations please send them to my email address--- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

16 years 1 month ago #140289 by

teresa93;91164 wrote: Hello, this is my first attempt at putting together a casino night to raise funds for new playgrounds. If anyone could send me samples of donation letters, that got results I would really appreciate it. My email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Teresa,
What is a Casino night? Our school is a K-12 and we are making up money for an Elementary Gym. Looking for something to involve community not just something sent home with the students.
17 years 7 months ago #91170 by Kids Kingdom
Replied by Kids Kingdom on topic RE: sample letter to local business for donations
I am a new VP in desperate need of sample letter's for supplies and gift certificates from local businesses. I have searched every site possible and unable to find what i'm looking for. I would really appreciate any assistance.
Thank you [img]smile.gif[/img]
17 years 7 months ago #91169 by Tx girl
In need can anybody please send me a copy or samples of the information for donations from buisness.First year doing this and really have no clue were to began.In dire need of help!
17 years 7 months ago #91168 by Michael B
Our donation letter...

I took a little bit from different ones, I read and this is what I
came up with....Remember to alter the letter when sending to
theatres, concert venues, airline companies, restaurants, amusement
parks etc.. If you can make the vendor feel they are getting a
specific letter for them as opposed to a generalized letter, they
may be more willing to participate. I have sent the letter to every
business listed in our city's chamber of commerce, the surrounding
cities chamber's of commerce, and the counties chamber's of

We have collected to date:

Round tip for 2 to the Bahamas
Over $200 in hair and nail salon certificate
Over $250 in Local merchant certificates
Over $500 in restaurant certificates
3 days 2 nights at 2 different hotels
Bank of America in a Title Sponsorship Role (Sponsoring an event)
A company that will do ALL of our printing for free
A Local Restaurant to feed our volunteers at all of our events
1 year Family Passes to the Art Museum

I want you to know this was all done through email and fax only!!
No mailings yet, Our mail campaign will be for our second and third
events of the year.
Market your PTO!! Sell your PTO!!! Become part of the community!
Become part of the local chamber of commerce...the dividends and
relationships that will pay off in the long run are priceless!

Here is our letter......

(Write on School or PTO Letterhead)

To Whom It May Concern(Substitute Name here if possible):

The ______________School has _______students from (grade) through
the (Grade), and has been serving (Town/City) and surrounding cities
and their children since (Date School established).

On behalf of ____________School P.T.O., a non-profit organization, I
would like to thank you in advance for your support of our mission
to improve the lives of our children.
Our primary activities are our (Name of Event)scheduled for (Date of
event) & (Name of 2nd event) on (Date of event). Our (Name of Event)
& (Name of 2nd event) have been very successful for us in the
past, thanks to the generous support of businesses, such as yours,
our school parents and our hard working students. This year, we are
excited to include silent auction, dancing, dance, food, raffles, a
small game carnival and music.
(We mention 2 events...why? Sometimes companies need 6 weeks of
more to get approval, this will give your sponsors s little more
time, and you may get something different for each event!)
We are asking you to consider donating items/ prizes for our auction
or raffle. Your contributions can be in the form of (Tell them what
you want ie; Movie passes, gift certificates, hotel stays, park
passes etc.).
We have enclosed a donation form for your convenience. All
donations need to be received by (Enter date here 14 days before
first event)to be included in the (Name of first event) or by (enter
date 14 days before second event) to be included in the (Name of
second event). We are a non-profit organization and your donations
will be tax exempt. Upon receipt of your donation, you will receive
a thank you note with our tax ID number that will serve as your
receipt for tax purposes.

In return for your generosity, your company will be announced as the
sponsor of the prize, listed in our (newsletter/ website/ mailer,
whatever it is that your PTO does). If you have any questions or
need any additional information, please email me at the address
below, or phone (Your phone # and Fax #)

We hope you will assist us in this endeavor -- your contribution is
100% tax deductible and greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking
the time to consider our request.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Berrios
PTO President/Donation Chairman
Fax 954-337-3735
The Blake School PTO
7011 West Sunrise Boulevard
Plantation FL 33313
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