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Tips, Tricks, and Peeves

14 years 9 months ago #150346 by MarieN
Replied by MarieN on topic RE: Tips, Tricks, and Peeves

Tip: Watch, Look & Listen to what makes others tick, what makes them smile and what do they like to do in their free time...then try to find a project, a task at home, an event or something that coordinates with that...then PERSONALLY ask them to step up and help where you could use their gifts for the good of the kids. Somewhere you (and they) will form a bond and help to realize that even if they have 6 kids...they still have time to help somehow!

I so agree with you bizzeemom2.

Thank you everyone for your tips and tricks. I've chuckled and rolled my eyes at the peeves......I can relate to them and have had similar experiences in my role as my school's parent leader.
14 years 10 months ago #150172 by School By the Beach
Replied by School By the Beach on topic RE: Tips, Tricks, and Peeves

Jennia;104485 wrote: BRILLIANT!!! I just ran 50 envelopes through my printer to use for the teacher and staff membership applications.

I simply set up a new document in Word using business envelope as the type of paper, put my regular membership questions into the document and printed them. :D

(Edited for typos!)

[ 09-06-2006, 08:03 PM: Message edited by: Jennia ]

We acctually sell envelopes as a fundraiser. Each envelope has a place for childs name and grade and then there are check boxes for things like after care, pizza day, - anything we have that requires payment or form be returned. There is of course a line for other. We had a local printer print them up and sell them along with our note pads that also have check boxes such as absent note, etc...
14 years 10 months ago #150150 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Replied by Lisa @ PTO Today on topic RE: Tips, Tricks, and Peeves
Thanks for re-activating this JHB! Look forward to reading everyone's 2009/10 school year Tips, Tricks & Peeves.

~ Lisa
14 years 10 months ago #150145 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Tips, Tricks, and Peeves
Thought it might be helpful to reactivate this old thread. Good luck to everyone on starting your school year!
16 years 2 months ago #141855 by School By the Beach
Replied by School By the Beach on topic RE: Tips, Tricks, and Peeves
Tip: write a handbook, how to manual so if you're ever hit by a truck, the show can still go on

Tip: back up everything in your computer so if your computer crashes, it will not be the end of PTO as we all know it

Tip: read all the past PTO minutes, this will help you know how to run a meeting, what events the school has done in the past, what was successful, what the budget was like, etc...

Tip: network with other schools and see what they are doing, go to their events and see how they run things

Tip: have every chairperson do a Lessons Learned within a week of their events. infos are still fresh in your brain and this will help the next person know what worked and what didn't work.

Tip: use words that give parents ownership: Our PTO, OUR kids, OUR school, OUR PTO FAMILY, not: THE PTO, THE school

give parents ownership, give them a voice, let them vote.

Tip: flattery goes a long way....."wow, what great ideas" "thank you for your insight!", you're so passionate to our school and our are making such a huge difference for our kids....

Tip: communicate, communicate, communicate: PTO newsletters, post minutes, agendas, budgets, send mass emails, communicate with your teachers through your principals, communicate to your PTO chairs and tell them what a great job they are doing.

Tip: put on thick skin, don't gossip, never let others know problems with your executive like your normal dysfunctional family! :)

Tip: set a budget, stay within budget

Tip: send out thank you notes or emails to new faces at your PTO meetings

Tip: feed people at your meetings, if you feed them, they will come!

Tip: don't get upset if people don't come to your meetings, be happy if they buy a yearbook, buy a t-shirt, go to the dance, donate a dish, etc.... they are still supporting in other ways.

Tip: treat others how you would like to be treated and appreciated.

Tip: delegate, delegate, delegate or you will lose your mind....don't try to micro manage, not everyone will do things the same way as you would but at least someone else is doing it!

Tip: take the higher road, always

Tip: no matter how things might not always go as planned, be happy that anyone volunteered at all!

Peeve: people that talk behind your back! we're not in high school anymore, grow up!

Tip: if you don't like something....get involved and make a positive change!

Tip: don't feel obligated to stay on or do it all....PTO did exist before you

wow.... this sure was therapeutic for me!

16 years 3 months ago #141804 by OntheGoPTO
Tip - Set up the PTO Business! Take a few months to get your group in order and things will flow much easier in the future and many, many of the problems/conflicts being vented about on these boards can be eliminated. Register as a 501c3, write solid bylaws and policies (and follow them!), purchase insurance to protect your group against theft, liability, etc. Create manuals for each board member including copies of the 501c3 paperwork, bylaws, policies, telephone directories, the past year's meeting minutes and treasurer's reports. Create a binder and keep it updated to include a detailed description of every event, program, fundraiser or purchase the PTO has funded or hosted and the processes used to complete each task.

Peeve - People who NEVER attend meetings or NEVER volunteer then show up at elections and ask to be nominated to a PTO office.

Peeve - First-time volunteers whose skills have yet to be tested complaining that they are given a menial job at an event (cleaning up, setting up, gathering donations) and don't realize that these are critical parts of a successful event.

Trick - Dangling carrots. If you have to give students a $5 gift certificate to the book fair to get their parents to attend an important presentation or volunteer for a couple of hours - it's worth it. If you have to feed people to get them to a PTO meeting where the plans for the next school year will be revealed - feed them caviar if you have to.

Tip - Teacher and volunteer appreciation events are swell but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER underestimate the value of the school's secretary and custodians. Your relationship with them can have a MAJOR impact on your future success or demise.

Tip - You can never thank people enough. Good old fashioned handwritten thank you cards or letters typed on your organization's letterhead should be sent to EVERYONE who donates money, products or services, or to folks who are simply being extra nice.
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