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Tips, Tricks, and Peeves

16 years 3 months ago #141772 by mssadams
Replied by mssadams on topic RE: Tips, Tricks, and Peeves
Tip: Get the e-mail addresses of all teachers and staff at your school. USE it. Don't rely on the principal or mailboxes to get them all the info. Use it as often as you think that info needs to go home. Send them an e-mail copy of anything that goes home to the parents too.

Tip: Use the 2 hour pledge sheets. Even if is just to get e-mail addresses. E-mail the parents any time anything is going on. Small events and large, picture day, carnvial, etc. I was amazed at the response I got from the parents. They feel a stronger connection to you I think this way. At meetings and such if someone asks me a question I always ask if they are on my e-mail list. Letting the parents know whats going on even if is insignificant seems to have really worked for us this year. We have had a huge increase in volunteers.
16 years 3 months ago #141769 by Aunt_B
Replied by Aunt_B on topic RE: Tips, Tricks, and Peeves
Hi, I'm new to the board and am enjoying reading all of the great tips and peeves. I have a couple of peeves:

Peeve: Board members who constantly complain about having to everything "themselves" but when someone wants to step up to help, they say "no thanks", do it themselves and THEN complain about not having any help!

Peeve: When new ideas are brought to the table, the Board members who've been there for years are the first to "poo-poo" them. Just because something hasn't worked out in the past doesn't mean that it won't work now.
16 years 3 months ago #141652 by mssadams
Replied by mssadams on topic RE: Tips, Tricks, and Peeves
Tip: Watch, Look & Listen to what makes others tick, what makes them smile and what do they like to do in their free time...then try to find a project, a task at home, an event or something that coordinates with that...then PERSONALLY ask them to step up and help where you could use their gifts for the good of the kids. Somewhere you (and they) will form a bond and help to realize that even if they have 6 kids...they still have time to help somehow!

Peeve: parents that want to say and spread negative gossip about your or your wellbeing but they have no time to step up themselves....couch quarterbacks!
16 years 3 months ago #141650 by PerusingwithCoffee
As I was reading this thread I received an email that fits right in:

Peeve: Someone who gets information for a NEW event on own, forwards to some teachers & PTO officers - tells us how great it is and we shouldn't let the price scare us - it's worth it; yet this person has never been to a single PTO meeting (has had children at the school for 8+ years) and if memory serves me (been there those year ++) doesn't volunteer at events......
16 years 3 months ago #141643 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Tips, Tricks, and Peeves
Hi all - I'm reviving this old thread because it had lots of great information. Many of you will hold elections in the next couple months and start transitioning for next year. Remember to pass on this type of information and save the next person the effort. As PTO leaders we have an awful lot of valuable experience. Share!!

And feel free to add to the list.
17 years 7 months ago #104523 by GaMom
Replied by GaMom on topic RE: Tips, Tricks, and Peeves
Tip: Don't lose the name of the guy who normally smokes your turkeys for Thanksgiving Luncheons. :rolleyes:
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