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Unable to continue to serve under new president

5 years 1 month ago #167439 by TPiser
I agree with PTOSunshine! If everyone leaves your organization because of this "bad" president, it's hard to have a well-functioning organization with only the less-desirable board member remaining.

Do you have any recourse with the local PTA organization, like the state level? As hard as it might be, maybe you should stick around and he may eventually hang himself. It might be worth looking into the "impeachment" process if he isn't willing to listen to genuine concern.
5 years 1 month ago #167445 by HuskyPride
The good news is that he eventually resigned (citing health reasons), the bad news is that while he resigned from being president, he is still managing to involve himself in everything and has already volunteered himself to run our largest event of the year next year, which I'm really not happy about. Since he is no longer president, it has been assumed that I will now stay on as treasurer next year, but while he's still meddling in everything I just don't feel comfortable doing it.

When this all started up the rest of us discussed the possibility of removing him, but ultimately they just didn't want the drama. It bothered me that they would all admit that he was behaving irresponsibly but would not stand up and say something and I told them so. At the end of the day we all have to be parents together at this school for many more years to come, and people just didn't want there to be bad blood. It was easier for me to just walk away and let them handle it (or not) since it was their friendships that were making it complicated.
2 years 5 days ago #172552 by Cwhittenbergpto
I am in the same boat. I Am the president now. The members are throwing a fit because my son is moving up to another campus. I am a sub so i still can run. We couldn't come to an agreement so we decided to put a ballot box in the office and let the members cast their votes. Well...Here comes the secretary who is all for the new president coming in and she was up in the office telling everyone who come in who to vote for. I feel as if she cheated for this new president. Who mind you has never ever been apart of this organization she come on as a member only this past year has never served on the board and is going to jump all the way to the top??? Im a little hurt over it but I feel that This campus does not deserve my time or effort that i put into it this year.
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