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ideas for middle school honor roll parties

21 years 11 months ago #106543 by plw
Our Middle School is doing this for the first time. A "Shining Star" awards every quarter. We have decided to do a continental breakfast one morning before school. A different morning for each grade level. Since this is our first time we have no idea how well it will go over but it seems easier to get parents there before school than after. Just serving donuts, bagels and creme cheese and danishes and some fresh fruit, coffee and juice.
21 years 11 months ago #106542 by momdrivesalot
ideas for middle school honor roll parties was created by momdrivesalot
Our PTO needs some ideas for our student rewards parties that we give every nine weeks. We have done an ice cream party already. We are desperate need for fresh ideas. I'd appreciate your help.
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