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ideas for middle school honor roll parties

8 years 8 months ago #168666 by montctymom
What about a pizza party during lunch with music and maybe a school memento. Kids work so hard these days and they love food and goodies! There are also lots of free templates online to print out congrats certificates. :)
9 years 2 months ago #167368 by Rose H
Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!
9 years 2 months ago #167365 by Student of the month
Replied by Student of the month on topic ideas for middle school honor roll parties
Our school has student of the month. I have the class decide who should be that student. The criteria goes with our school motto and vision. Be Respectful, reliable and be responsible. This is not necessarily for high academics but for those students to continually show the Three R's. Special education, P.E., Art and other teachers also give student of the month. They get a certificate and a coupon for a fee personal pizza from Pizza Hut.

The school has been doing this honor for years. It is held before school with juice, bagels and cream cheese, sometimes muffins and donuts, and small cups of yogurt.
22 years 8 months ago #106546 by dremal
How about a popcorn party or even better than that how about taking them on a walk away from the school, or possibly something they can use at school like; pencils, markers, fun erasers, new binders, something besides food.
22 years 8 months ago #106545 by plw
Shinig Stars is the best award system I have ever seen. Especially since I have very average to below average kids academically and only one involved in music. My two middle school boys have no interest in sports, music or academics. It is tough enough just to get them to school everyday!

Every student has a chance to succeed here. It is a huge commitment from the staff but we all hope for the best. Like in elementary schools the students must use their student planners. They have 5 academic classes a day and have a chance to receive a "stamp for the day" in each of these classes. They may achieve a stamp by:
1. Coming to class prepared (with everything they need)
2. Having assignments/homework done
3. Behaved during class.

Since they have just started this at the beginning of this school year they are giving the students an opportunity to aclamate themselves to the program.
At the end of the week if the students have 80% of their potentially 25 stamps, they receive a GOLD STAR for the week. At the end of the grading period if they have a certain number of GOLD STARS they will be awarded with an awards breakfast.

The glory of this is that it is not dependent on how well you did on tests or any other criteria. Were you on time, prepared, behaved and got your work in? So you see any one can achieve here! They are also looking into awarding students who have made great strides, eventually.

It has become valuable to the parents because you can tell immediately what is hindering your child. I found out quickly my one son was seldom prepared for class (I had no writing paper, I forgot my book at home etc...) My other son is grappling with homework he had told me he did not have. This is definately meaningful communication between home and school.
I have heard some negative talk from parents of the 8th graders saying it is childish and silly, but I tell you it has really challenged my two boys and in a few years the now 6th graders will just be used to it.

I hope this helps. It is a great program.
22 years 8 months ago #106544 by 4 kids
What are your criteria for shining stars? Our principals always seem concerned about kids being left out. The kids who try hard but can't seem to make the honor roll. (there is even talk of doing away with the honor roll.) Do you have any problems with this?
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