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List your top 5 carnival game booths!

16 years 7 months ago #131449 by PresidentJim
I would contact your local police department and see if they would be willing to bring out the radar system, the portable ones that show how fast someone is driving. You can set up a fastest pitch booth.

good luck,
16 years 7 months ago #131009 by Not a UK Fan
Replied by Not a UK Fan on topic RE: List your top 5 carnival game booths!
We went out this year and found a few new games that the kids really enjoyed. We went through and found a Mega bowling (the bowling pins were inflatable and approx. 3-4 feet tall with a large inflatable bowling ball) It was so cool and not a very expensive investment maybe 25 or 35 dollars but it can be used again and again. It was very good quality, also we had mega basketball which used a large inflatable basketball and a large (about 5-6 ft. tall inflatable basketball goal) The older kids loved these this year. It was a hit. Also, we rented an inflatable slide this year and made it a freebie (you didn't have to have a ticket). My husband is on the local volunteer firedepartment and we asked some of the youger ones on the dept. as well as some of the fd volunteers who had kids in the elementary to run it. It worked out well (the guys stayed quite busy). But it all worked out and was probably one of the best events that we have had since I have been at the school. All of the kids enjoyed the new games. The slide was busy but the kids also played the games. I think the 18 ft. slide kept some of the smaller kids busy while the bigger kids played the games. It was a really great night. Actually, we bought a few more games from the for the younger ones as well. We were very pleased with the selection and they are things that can be used time and again.
16 years 7 months ago #130727 by Sant1457
What's a cake walk????
16 years 7 months ago #130716 by threeboysmom
The top 5 at our carnival last month were:

Cake Walk
Ring Toss (2 ltr sodas donated)
Colored Hair Spray
Temporary Tattoos
Fishing booth (clothespin on string & a stick)
16 years 7 months ago #130654 by 1919
The BEST game is a pie in the Teacher's face. Use small foam plates with pudding and cool whip. Have the teacher stand behind a ply wood board with a person or school mascot painted on it. And a hole cut out for the head. The kids will LOVE IT!!!
16 years 8 months ago #130490 by Not a UK Fan
Replied by Not a UK Fan on topic RE: List your top 5 carnival game booths!

This is such a hit with the kids and families! A parent of our group made this and it seemed super easy! It is a knock-off of the game Plinko from The Price is Right.

A large board with golf tees stuck in rows down the board. The kids stand on a stool and place a disk- flat along the board and let it go. The disk bounces off the tees and lands in a numbered slot at the bottom. The kids get 3 disks-add up the winning numbers and give prizes accordingly.

Do an image search of plinko and you can find many pictures!

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